Saab News: Suppliers, Victor Muller, Kronofogden, Hawtai

Today is the day the Kronofogden employee will visit the factory in Stallbacka. He checks existing assets and he seeks to talk with the people in charge. The payment deadline for two cases initiated by 16 for enforcement expired yesterday.

It is currently only about a relatively small sum of less than 400.000 crowns, but at least. The next few cases will then be due within a relatively short period in the next few days. Repeatedly emphasized the head of Kronofogden from Uddevalla, that he does not want to damage the company. Hmmm. I'm still a little surprised that a previous solution was not possible, but the situation is not very transparent.

Victor Muller has meanwhile spoken to the suppliers and provided a current update on the situation. After all, what comes from CLEPA - the European Association of Suppliers - doesn't sound so negative anymore. Lars Holmquist noted that Muller “firmly believes that it is possible to start production again. And, as is well known, faith can move mountains, ”said Holmquist. “Even if it's a very big mountain,” he added.

The current bankruptcy risk by a supplier, he sees as banned. He no longer believes that in the current situation, one of the European suppliers will file for bankruptcy. Last week it sounded even worse, two German suppliers built such a threatening gesture.

Oh yes, do we remember short-term partner Hawtai from China? He has now found a new partner after the marriage with Saab failed in unsightly words. Proton from Malaysia is the new bride. Proton? Exactly, the company that builds unspeakably ugly cars and has never been noticed by innovations should be the better choice. What a decision… 😉


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  • Unfortunately, I have to share the experience. Inquiries about test drives of the new 9-5, other inquiries were processed via a shame with such a brand ...

  • I bought my 9-5er station wagon at a large Saab dealer in Baden Württemberg. My 9-3ers who were given a payment there spent two weeks on my name and my insurance (!) I noticed it because I got a speeding ticket because of driving too fast, somewhere in the French border region! In addition to an irresponsible call to a corresponding Saab dealer, a complaint letter to Saab Germany was never answered.

  • blank

    Hi Tom,

    has Saab Germany reported to your e-mail (because of the IAA topic)?

    In our family (3 SAAB automobiles) we unfortunately did not have the best experiences with Saab Germany - example: In the case of a special request regarding possible tire sizes for a certain 9-3 convertible model, despite repeated requests by E -Mail got no answer.
    Ultimately, we have these problems, which are not particularly difficult for professionals, together with our Saab dealer in Lübeck (which, however, is about 50 km away).

    There was also this type of "customer service" for some other special inquiries.

    We think that Saab Germany is not well staffed - maybe other Saab drivers have also had good experiences.


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