Saab Germany brings the community on board

There are messages that I like to write. Good news for Saab, for example. Yesterday I had a phone call with Saab Germany boss shoemaker, which showed me that we are on the right track. The team of Saab Germany has many interesting ideas to show presence and is working on alternatives to the IAA.

What I am particularly pleased is that Saab brings the blog, and thus the Saab community on board. And that Saab will break new ground to showcase the brand. That's brave from Saab Chef Shoemaker and goes well with our cool, Scandinavian brand.

And it shows us two things. On the one hand, it shows us how important the fan base is for the brand. Secondly, the work that Saab Germany is doing is clear proof that our small Swedish brand has a future.

Saab is small, Saab is innovative, Saab is not like the others. I think the Saab Fan community will be even more involved and heard by the brand in the future. This is still a long and difficult road, with a lot of work. But the opportunity is there and the opportunity is unique.

With the commitment of Steven Wade, Saab Sweden has been doing something unique a few months ago, something no car brand in the world has done so far. One has taken a fan on board and thus secured a place, very close to the customer. No, I do not want to go aboard Saab. My current job is more than good and I like him the way he is.

But, we - the fans - could now get the chance in Germany to actively help shape Saab's future. The blogger and the Saab management will meet next week. It's about the IAA alternatives.

It remains exciting and we will take our chance.


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  • I think the topic is that Saab Germany wants to break new ground and open the door to us. I appreciate that very much and we should see that positively.
    On the subject of booth, booth rental and all sorts of things has now been said too much in my eyes. Also unfortunately not helpful and speculative, which goes too far for me what is not in the sense of the blog. There is enough negative press, so I deleted the last comment. For today I finish the topic.

  • 1000 unused square meters so. Could one not use the area at the fair otherwise? For a small infoterminal with iPads, perhaps, where you can follow what makes Saab Germany out on the streets of Frankfurt. Or for a workshop with students exploring the Saab of the distant future. Or for an art action with an 9-4 x ice in original size. Or what ever.

  • I'm curious what you can tell, Tom.

  • In the past few years, one can really not say that Saab Germany has made the slightest effort to attract customers - on the contrary: customers were annoying, as I clearly learned on the phone when I bought my 9-5 II.
    I have been recommended to a dealer who has not been a dealer for years ...
    Even otherwise, Saab Germany has been frankly more than hapless in the market for many years
    The current GF has certainly deserves a real chance to do this better, I'll believe this only if you notice ewtas of it.
    The cancellation of the IAA is correct - otherwise the indifferent suppliers would have to feel really ridiculous.
    It would be quite simple: put some eye-catcher in the supply lines to the IAA and set up a shuttle service to the headquarters, it has already created a cost-effective solution.

    • We're talking past each other - it's about the cost of booking (rent) for the 1.000 square meter stand.

      These will be quite substantial and there is probably no "cancellation insurance" if the exhibition stand is canceled, as is the case with a vacation trip, for example.

      We have the VDA spokesman as if, nevertheless, these costs for SAAB will be incurred.

      That it would be no other fair appearance than at the previous fair in Geneva may be yes (that's not the point here).


      • Sure Julie, the cost of the rent is due, I assume. There's nothing wrong with that.

      • Staff, electricity, hotel etcspart you. Should not be a little. Let's see what makes Saab Germany out of it.


  • PS: To those who write after me: I read, you do not understand me ... What is the use of looking at cars if they are not built? Apart from the 9-4X. I would prefer if I knew the delivery date of the first customer 9-5 Combi to Germany. But not only on paper !!

  • Great news - had briefly feared that it would amount to a superficial info memo. Nice to see that this is not the case!
    When is it next week so far? 😉

  • Before we speculate wildly about fair costs wait what Tom finds out next week in Frankfurt. Or?


    • Thank you Leif, that's the way it is. 😉

      I think the decision has been made in Sweden and there are good reasons for that. The stand itself belongs to Saab and is paid for according to my information.


      • Hi all!

        We would be really interested in what “good reasons” this is about - if SAAB-Automobile is to continue running (as allegedly planned), the trade fair appearance would actually be a “must”.

        If then allegedly everything is paid, the cancellation is downright grotesque!


        • Dear Julie,

          the stand as such is not new, was already on display in Geneva and is traveling around the world with small variations. So it's paid. Swade said at Inside Saab that production has to run first, then there will be car shows again. I agree with him. The decision is correct, because as "txdriver" says, cars have to be built as soon as possible. And that's what they work very hard on in Sweden. That is the situation, unfortunately there is currently no more information.

          OK 😉



  • Hi all!

    Perhaps you should still take part in the IAA - according to the VDA, the trade fair costs for the approx. 1000 square meter stand are apparently due anyway (because the booking was made)!

    If you can not clearly save something, you should start to participate (yes, you also want to start production soon).

    from Schleswig-Holstein


  • I like it. First, we are closer and get better information. Saab D. is doing something with the limited possibilities that are there. Saab D. exists and has not given up. For me an indication that it continues.
    No matter what is in the SZ FF then. I would still like to watch an 9-4x. Because, who does nothing and dares nothing has already lost. Thumbs up, Saab D.

    Greetings MM

  • Hello to the fan base,
    we don't have to overestimate Saab D., they should actually know what to do themselves. In my opinion, the most important thing is whether and when cars will come from Trollhättan again, because does anyone still believe that production will start at the end of August? I can't find anything really serious on the www. It will take a few days for each of the hundreds or thousands of parts from all over the world to be ready for assembly in the factory. And get paid too…. It's not just about fan or not, but about tough existences and credibility ……. And a 9-4X in the SZ FF / M, for example, cannot become the main topic in the blog. According to all the readers' opinions, this is to be feared here. Otherwise I like to read the latest information here, keep it up to the admin.

  • It would be interesting to know what costs SAAB has to bear despite the cancellation of the IAA by the trade fair organizer - a report at quotes the organizer's statement: The same provisions apply to SAAB as to other trade fair participants.

    Since SAAB, according to, had booked about 1000 sqm of space, it will probably be the case that considerable costs will be incurred despite the cancellation.

    Mr. Shoemaker should be quiet times to talk about it and of course report about it.

    Maybe the cancellation makes little sense!


  • In the future CFO will no longer be called Chief Financial Officer but Chief FAN Officer

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