Saab 9000 CSE update

Our Saab 9000 is still in its "improvement phase". Not that he really needs it, but once you've started it's hard to stop. After the chassis has had new bushings pressed in, the 9000 now drives like a new car. Or like on rails ...

Saab 9000 CSE interior; burl
Saab 9000 CSE interior; burl

Not that the creeping wear was particularly noticeable, but the difference is significant in the before and after comparison. The interior update has also continued. The 9000 now got a wooden package from a 92 model (thanks Silke!), And that really suits him.

Now the Swede is "very British" in the interior, no wonder that the Saab 9000 were so popular in England. What is still missing, and what we are waiting for, is the highly acclaimed Maptun strut brace. The delivery time took forever, but should now come at some point.

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    in the yard is still my CSE Bj. `92. Now he gets a miniature missed for Euro2. I love him, soon let him go again to bend a few months. Inside and out nothing. Search yet suitable daytime running lights (not on Fuse). Nice Saturday

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    Wonderful car. I have now switched from 9,3 1,9 Tid, 8000 km back to my old dream, a 9000 CS. At the end of August, I'll send you a detailed report and pictures. I'm looking forward to the old SAAB feeling.

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    TM7374 ... the "normal" ones were good, but take a seat in the 9000 AERO ... you don't want to get out of these things ... awesome! 🙂

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    Great car and obviously with a lot of love maintained!
    The seats in the 9000 were really great, but with virtually no lateral support, but very comfortable.

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    Hello Master 🙂

    looks very very chic and the memory of our 9000der are back!
    The first was a black CSE 2,3 T Autom. With everything that was available back then ... meeeega ... 195PS, then came the AERO, without words ... just 😉 for a very short time, I always thought it was nice when the S-Class, 7th from behind BMW, A8…. arrived with a defective high beam 🙂 blinked so 🙂, so over to the right, made room, a quick look to the left…. GAS !!!! and then just drive over again ... 🙂 and that from 2,3l and 4 cylinders ... and these seats ... awesome! Oh yes…
    and then came my first CD 2.0 T with a red control unit ... it worked almost like the Aero, except that even golfers blinked at me because the CD looks like it was cut out of a rock! He was soooo beautiful…. Inside looked exactly like yours ... with all the wood, it was just a switch and another oblique snout
    Well then…. Please MORE pictures of the "iron pile" 🙂

    Have a sunny Thursday ... and only good news please !!!! 😉 would like to experience this quality again like back then in the 9000er in a SAAB ... and not these plastics like now! 🙂

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    It's such a pity that there are almost only ridden 9000ers on the used car market. So I'm all the more pleased to see that there are obviously still fans of these great, but unfortunately totally undervalued, cars. Compliment, a really nice car!

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    @@ Tom
    Nice "update"!

    We also had beautiful 9000s (both "round" and previously "square").
    What I especially liked was the automatic lever. I thought it was kind of cool - it was like flying!
    The position of the ignition lock was less beautiful - it just belongs in the center console of a Saab. 😉

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