Saab Event: Saab at the Sachsen Klassik 2011

Many Saab fans are also showing flags for our Swedish passion on the weekend. At this year's Sachsen Classic, our cool, Scandinavian, brand with four vehicles is represented.

Tobias Kaboth from the Mobilforum Dresden and Michael Hesse are piloting a Saab Sonnet 4 with start number 131. No surprise for me, because the mobile forum is still with great passion to Saab.

With the start number 89 is a Saab 93, with the number 120 an 900er Turbo and with the 186 an 900er Saab Cabriolet on the way. Currently, the two classics, Saab Sonett and Saab 93 front.

You can live the Saab vehicle positions online follow along, of course all other participants. The Mobilforum Dresden is also a co-organizer of the 3rd Cabrio Rallye Sachsen, which starts on August 27th. Over 100 teams are already registered, lots of Saab will be there.

Thanks to Mark, who has already applied for a leased line from Saxony to Northern Bavaria, for the current information ;-). Maybe a few more pictures will come. How about


One thought on "Saab Event: Saab at the Sachsen Klassik 2011"

  • I can only agree ... The mobile forum lives SAAB, so they had launched a very chic page, see here!

    Of course, I am also a customer there and took part in the first convertible rally ... unfortunately I have a wedding on August 27.8th this year. ;-(

    The participating vehicles I know all, are in the dealership in the best condition and can be visited!

    I keep my fingers crossed for the teams ... SAAB is alive! 😉

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