Saab News: Current situation - is the deal coming now?

The location is serious in Trollhättan. For some, especially for Saab employees, yesterday was a bad day. The work of the Kronofogden could jeopardize the salaries, which caused many worried and annoying phone calls from Saab employees at the Uddevalla authority.

Even otherwise, Saab made his negative press again. The hefty increase in the salaries of Swedish Automobile man Hans Hugenholtz was a rough draft for Dagens Industri and the poor Pressespreche Eric Geers had to defend this decision before the press. I do not want to do his job right now, he earns his money the hard way.

But the first rescue lights seem to appear.

A solution of the situation could come from another side, from the USA. Saab works with the Endeavor Advisor Group together, a private investment group tasked to raise 350 $ millions for our carmaker. This is to finally repay the EIB loan and start production. The collaboration has been going on for some time and has now been confirmed to the American media.

The Saab share needed it - today we tested the all-time low, but slowly the blogger - after a short night - as well as the stock market wakes up and the paper starts to go up.

It would be nice to see a solution. The replacement of the EIB loan, which has been working for a long time, would be a blow for Saab. The way for further investment, even for Antonov would be free and the Saab employees had finally left the time of waiting behind.

These are not yet “breaking news” but only a possible solution. It is only cheered when the Saab press release lands in my mailbox.

Oh yes, my mailbox. My mailbox is still full to the brim. Some have been waiting for answers for days, sorry, and they will come on the weekend. That's a promise.


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  • Hello, I happened to see this one. I like it. I follow the news daily with Saabunited. I also drove 2 Saabs early on, the first being a 9000cs talladega and later a 9-3SE. At the moment 'only' city cars (minicar) Subaru R2 and Nissan Moco, but my love for Saab will always be there. The 96 V4 was my first love(not my wife!…).
    Where did the Chinese stay? I do not trust the Americans and the Chinese. Where did VM stay? you have not heard from him for a long time. Maybe he's already learning chinese!
    Richard / greeting from Japan

  • would be good if it were so ... 😉

  • blank

    In the meantime, clarifications have been made on the relevant websites regarding the “increases in remuneration” to correct this. not every “press ejection” is correct, we should have found out by now ...

  • ... I would say that too ... take a break!

    it's almost like the banks, the ship has a full list and the upper part of the workforce just takes what they want! I just don't understand ... because the guy definitely doesn't have to live on 1000 €!

    • blank

      ... the DEAL should be fixed in the next few days and production on August 29.08th. start, Victor Muller and the board of directors are worth every penny ...

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    Tom, we have a sunny summer weekend ahead of us! It would be a shame if you had to spend it behind your PC. I think the community will understand if they have to wait a little longer for the answers. You're already doing a lot anyway ...
    Enjoy a few nice days with your family!

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      Thank you. I will. A little Saab has to be, because next week is the meeting in Frankfurt and I want to be well prepared.

      Have a nice weekend, too !


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