Saab Trollhättan: New difficult week

In Sweden, a new, difficult week awaits us. We Saab fans are used to grief, the situation is not new. So what is there in Trollhättan today? The employees of Saab come back to work and are informed about the current situation.

Wages are due this week for the workers. Up-to-date information, including from the union side, says that wages will flow on time. Not new, however, from the supplier side. Saab supplier Plastal is a representative of many national suppliers ready to supply the carmaker again.

However, the conditions are tough, at least for the time being. “Cash on delivery” - that is, money at the loading ramp, an idea that is not realistic for a company of this size. The work to replace the EIB loan is now continuing. Vladimir Antonov's spokesman emphasized again today to Göteborg Posten that his boss is ready to join Saab as an investor after the loan has been repaid.

A corresponding message is expected "promptly". That would be nice, because the tremor has been way too long for my taste. In Sweden traders are disembarking, which is understandable given the length of the drought. However, you have to look carefully here before we fall into depression. Some terminate the dealership contract, others take a "break". So give Saab another chance.

The friends of Saabsunited have recently described the situation in Sweden so that I can save myself the translation.

Finally, let's take a look at the Swedish Automobile share. Today it is breaking away from its all-time low and moving slightly upwards. We are currently at 71 cents in Amsterdam, which makes Saab a bargain. So if you are hiding an inheritance in your savings stocking, you can now buy a cheap car manufacturer 😉

As always, we stay cool, we work on solving the problems. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

Yes, and finally our national Saab situation. The blogger meets today with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, the head of Saab Germany. Maybe there will be good news from this site.


3 thoughts on "Saab Trollhättan: New difficult week"

  • Hello Detlef Rudolf,

    I think so many subcontractors, the water is up to the neck or maybe already under the tip of the nose?
    Of course, it should be convenient for the suppliers who produce cars in Trollhättan, but the supplier can only produce when his invoices are paid.
    As long as this does not happen, I would not deliver any goods.



  • But I can understand the suppliers, but still wait for money for parts that
    are built into cars that have long been sold and Saab has collected the money ...
    I am really curious when the production will really start
    mfg and nice week with hopefully no negative news

    • blank

      Hello pmh,

      we cannot understand the suppliers. Profits can only be achieved by starting production! For this reason you should "overcome" yourself as a supplier and help ensure that "the store starts up again as quickly as possible"!

      As long as production is in place, it is well known that neither Saab nor the suppliers are getting any money in through the core business itself. Please pay particular attention in this connection to the fact that there are already approx. 16.000 orders (the prepaid cars for China make up only a relatively small share of this).

      We are also happy to hear the information that financial aid will soon be gushing from other sources - but unfortunately this will take longer.

      So dear suppliers: overcome !!!


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