Swedish Automobile: Investors' money can be delayed

Today it has about 30 degrees and actually I do not like to hear any more business news. Saab's mother Swedish Automobile has pointed out that promised investors could delay funds by several days.

Trollhattan, Sweden: Swedish Automobile NV (Saab Automobile) and Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) announce that they have committed a late payment claim to Saab Automobile Employees payments.

Saab Automobile is making all the necessary contributions to collect funds in order to obtain additional short-term funding. There may be no assurance that the necessary funding will be obtained or the funds collected.

Again. What will result in a late payment of wages. Let's hope that this situation will happen for the last time. Because, for the employees this situation is more than stressful.

Nevertheless, we should keep calm. Cool stay above 30 degrees.

Since the funds are unlikely to come from Caritas or a non-profit Foundation for Stagnant Car Works, the intention and knowledge behind it is to get the production going again. After all, what other investor pays millions of euros every month for a standstill plant, just to keep the skilled workers?

Text: tom@saabblog.net

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  • Well, I wish you all the best with the new one


  • ... then good luck and above all enjoy it!

  • I was traveling all day with an (open) convertible. Maybe I should have read this entry tomorrow 😉

  • Hi,

    yes the weather is hot, but no matter if everything goes well I'll buy my 9-3 tomorrow

    I hope the climate is just as good as it was in my old 9-5.



  • Nico, please do something, well, and stay fair. And please take into account that a lot of people, including me with my little contribution, work for the survival of Saab. Thank you. Tom

  • Wishful ideas of insane people are not the basis. Saab-GF obviously has no interest in involving the Saab community. Who deals with potential customers and dealers is obviously not aware of his work.

    Every tiny movement is analyzed - at least in theory. Only Saab's agony takes place behind closed doors? Ridiculous this assumption.

  • The violent Rhine-Main weather is slowly rising in my head. And that's why my (almost stupid) emergency recommendation: in this case, just do not look forward, but back: I had in our part at both SAABs we call our own, in the last 8 years a lot of fun, was never unhappy , The opposite is the case. So I look back and enjoy what I have. ·)

    And: dead said live longer.

    As I said, it's pretty warm here ...

  • Hello Joachim!

    My dealer Saab Zentrum Trier is also unshakable to Saab and as Bernd Seibel writes, hope dies last.

    I just talked to an acquaintance in Trollhättan, who could not report anything positive to me at the time, rather the opposite.
    General frustration.

    So wait and see the information from Tom.

    By the way, a summer storm is also starting here in Luxembourg.

    Best Regards


  • It is more than sad to follow this death by installments. The only money that seems to be drop-in is used for the employees' salaries. But and just the planned start of production costs money right, and that seems to me to be missing.


  • Hello Guy!

    The matter with the SAAB dealers can also be "expanded" again after the restart of production - once SAAB is back on the right track worldwide, new (old) dealers will also be added who also have a "connection" to the brand.

    The car dealership in Munich mentioned under ftd.de should stay away in the future, because it seems to be people “without a connection” to the brand.

    Here in Hamburg there might be a decent summer thunderstorm - many greetings from the Hanseatic city. By the way: The large SAAB dealer in Hamburg, Lensch + Bleck, is still unwaveringly committed to SAAB automobiles!


  • Hi Tom,
    For many weeks, your blog has been the only information from the Saab world that seems reliable to me, and without wanting to slime: You are doing a very good job. We have been driving a new 9-3 convertible since February of this year (bought in Frankfurt) and are really very satisfied with the car. Unfortunately, the satisfaction does not carry over to the news from Sweden. They are actually more of a cure according to Pastor Kneipp, who wanted to have known 100 years ago that alternating baths should be healthy. Hope dies last, says the vernacular, but in the Saab case we are very close to the date “last”.
    Greetings also Höchberg near Würzburg.
    Bernd Seibel

  • In Hamburg, too, it is almost 30 ° C - with oppressive air.

    The question that arises here is this:

    Why is it not even possible, despite months of processing time, that a few payments arrive on time ??

    That the investors in the background care that the SAAB story continues, has meanwhile even become clear to the scribes from the “negative press” - but why the so-called flow of money keeps stalling is not clear to me.

    These “little things” are only fluffed up again by the aforementioned scribes and a fickle SAAB prospect has already decided on another brand!

    Hopefully there will really be “direction to the store” soon!

    Greetings from Hamburg

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