Saab News: Nothing new in the north, but in the south

Okay, there really was nothing new about Saab today. At least at first glance. Behind the scenes is happening quite a bit, also in Germany. Unfortunately the IAA participation was canceled, nevertheless we will be able to admire the new Saab in Frankfurt.

Saab is working with the Saab Germany crew on a program that will uphold the Saab flag during the IAA era. Yes, and the blog is there. 😉 There are good ideas to be discussed and tomorrow the first definitive facts.

In Sweden, the usual Klamauk starts, with the salaries and wages, which will not come punctually tomorrow. We hope to experience this scenario for the last time and come back into order next month.

Saab 9-3 Anniversary
Saab 9-3 Anniversary

A very personal Saab problem solved today my good friend Marco. After selling his Saab 9-5, his family is now too numerous for that, he was without Saab for several months. Not a good time. Why does not Saab build any vans?

Today he bought a Saab 9-3 Anniversary as a second car. By the way, at a former Saab center, where I bought my last Saab 900 many years ago. It is a sad picture when formerly great Saab dealers disappear from the scene. There are still used Saab in the workshop and for sale, but otherwise the usual used car mish-mash. Well.

Next week he picks him up, then at least the Saab world is alright with him. Congratulations Marco!


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    Still a nice car that is slowly becoming rarer.

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    A very nice, well-preserved 9-3 Anniversary - Congratulations!

    We should not forget, however, that a large part of the dealers are still part of the SAAB brand!

    If, contrary to expectations, the current ownership structure does not “work” over the next few months, other “owners” will definitely be found in Trollhättan - the comparatively very modern production facility and the extremely loyal following (it is proven that even in this Location still new vehicles ordered!) As well as various other plus points are almost a guarantee for long-term survival.

    The scribes of the negative press - whatever is going on in their heads - can not “badly chat” to the worldwide aficionados with their impertinent behavior SAAB. You should rather dive into the past and report on the "dark truths" of the German automotive industry (but you should also be able to do some good research - but that seldom works with the so-called writing guild anyway)!

    SAAB fans, please keep calm and trust the "plus points" described above even in the event of further setbacks (any people with visions for the future and a lot of money are guaranteed to be available in the background)!

    Kind regards

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    Hi Tom,

    well then thank you! I'm looking forward to next week !!



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