Don`t feed the troll ...

Yes, that's the way it is in life. Difficult times and economic hardships attract the trolls. There is the human race that wants to see the downfall, experience and celebrate. is plagued by trolls more than ever in recent days.

The blog is successful and will once again set a visitor record this month. Unfortunately, success also attracts trolls.

Are these blog trolls small and cute? No, you want to use as a platform to live out your conspiracy theories and doomsday scenarios. I do not like that. Because, they do not fit the Saab community. The writing style is aggressive and one deliberately seeks conflicts.

Do we need that ? Does Saab need that? Is that why we invest hours in research and new articles every day? Is that why we write a blog?

Trolls are unnecessary like the famous goiter. At least for the blog. Critical opinions are always accepted here, including linking to critical articles. Even the blogger is not without criticism of certain decisions in Trollhättan.

But do we need unrest in the Saab community, doomsday chatter and aggressive comments? That's not our style. Therefore every troll is deleted and locked. No chance. Off in the spam. Keep moving.

Don`t feed the troll ...


4 thoughts on " Don`t feed the troll ..."

  • Oops not realized that censorship prevails here .. am I a troll now and must troll me?

    Schnief, then I sleep in my Saabs today and am glad that they do not exclude me
    can be that such a central locking also has your pride :-))

  • Tom, RESPECT for your style!

  • Oh, they are here or gabs here in larger quantities?
    Luckily, I barely noticed it here.

    I really enjoy reading your blog (several times a day).
    Especially because of your style, also the very critical reporting, your own opinion on things from Sweden and the topicality.
    Another reason is the friendly interaction with each other here.

    I hope that of course stays that way (and the trolls don't feel challenged now) !!!! 🙂

  • Yeah, absolute approval, unfortunately I already met such trolls and that in the otherwise so tolerant SAAB community :(.

    Thanks again for your really remarkable and great work here in the blog.

    Greetings from the Allgäu

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