Saab Location Sweden: Saab engineers are loyal

The situation is critical for our small car brand. Although a solution of the problems is conspicuous, it still remains difficult for some time. Dagens Industri is one of the newspapers in Sweden where Saab has a tough time. Maybe it's because the DI is at home in Gothenburg.

Almost regretfully, DI reports today that Volvo is desperately looking for engineers, but finds too few. 1000 engineers are needed, for a long time already, but still 600 positions are not occupied. Very quickly 200 new employees are needed and one hoped for defectors from Trollhättan.

But despite the difficult situation for months, only very few candidates from Saab to Volvo defected. The engineers at Saab are loyal, DI notes resigned.

I think you are Saab man or Volvo man. Point. Comprehensibly.

As beautiful as the cars from Gothenburg are, for me Volvo would only be the “last exit” and an alternative that I would prefer to the German premium brands if there were no more Saab to buy.


One thought on "Saab Location Sweden: Saab engineers are loyal"

  • In order to keep the engineers in Trollhättan for the next few years, I would (personally) prefer a big investor who does not come from China.

    As far as the location is concerned (and a few other things) I don't have a lot of confidence in what the Chinese say. I would like an investor with great financial strength from Russia better - perhaps after the repayment of the EIB loan there will be the constellation that the largest shareholder comes from Russia. In any case, I hope, if, contrary to expectations, the Chinese authorities still say “no”.

    This happened in the case of HUMMER - here, however, the extremely poor environmental properties of the HUMMER vehicles were decisive (this would of course not lead to a rejection in the case of SAAB automobiles). Let's wait and see - it'll be exciting!

    PS: In the case of a "yes", I could of course "make friends" with the Chinese!


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