Saab license plate holder: “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls”

Saab is from Sweden. We know that, but many refer Saab to other countries. One, let's say lady, with whom I was friends, once said to me that is a Taiwanese product. Well, yes. I was shocked. The friendship was not lasting.

Our license plate holders have now arrived at the fans and look good on Saabs of all years of construction, as I found out.



4 thoughts on "Saab license plate holder: “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls”"

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    Hi guys
    Can someone help me? Where can I order the license plate holder? I have to have those for my Saab !!

    Thanks for the help.
    Sead from Switzerland.

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    ... the idea already crossed my mind. i would buy one again!

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    Uii .. very nice!

    Unfortunately, I will only be able to do this sometime in the next 2 weeks (and hopefully I will not be too stupid when swapping ... there are no screws on the shield at 9-5)! 😉 ;-(

    Of course, I will also send you a picture (but only if I succeed!)!

    A bit “off-topic” here, but today an acquaintance photographed a comment from the Autobild (cough, cough) about Saab ...
    I would also like to make a sign on such an old beautiful 900 (or new)! 😉

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