Saab Lage Sweden: Update on the situation

In Germany, preparations are in full swing to offer Saab customers a program for the IAA. In Sweden, the clouds are getting denser and the press comments are getting sharper.

There are several speculations in the media. The one possibility that is being considered is that Saab will go into reconstruction in the next few days. Reconstruction is a type of Swedish bankruptcy process that would allow the company to make an orderly restart. The debate is fueled by the fact that the half-yearly figures will not be presented today but only next week. In addition, there is still no statement on wages and salaries.

The journalist, Saab Insider and Saab friend Jonas Fröberg led a live chat for the Svabka Dagbladet today on the Saab situation and possible reconstruction. What he said did not sound good, especially considering that he has always spoken for Saab.

The press has always liked rubbing against Victor Muller, and today one deliberates in public whether the CEO is punishable by his behavior. In principle, Saab insolvent, at least in the Swedish accounts only a few million were found. Even if next week 25 million kroner flow from the real estate deal, it will not be enough.

Saab denies all rumors. It's getting tight, that was foreseeable. But, once again I'm writing - it doesn't have to be the end. There is an opportunity in every crisis. So we should stay cool and keep looking at what's going on.

At the IAA alternative program, we and Saab Germany are working together with a whole network of Saab fans. Especially in this situation it can be more important than ever to have a public appearance at the right time.

As I always say - giving up is not an alternative.


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  • Hi all!

    In the current phase in particular, it would make sense if Trollhättan were to send an “interim report” on the Endevour Invest (of course only if there is really a positive trend) - why don't you hear a sentence in this regard?

    The commissioning of this company was announced with great confidence ...

    The famous “light at the end of the tunnel” should flash up really quickly here - before there are only negative headlines!


  • Maybe a reconstruction is the better way for SAAB?
    Perhaps SAAB is strengthened by a reconstruction into a new phase?
    Maybe it will continue with SAAB?

    We will all know that in not too long.

    Personally, I hope that Saab will continue and everyone with a little "social feeling" should also hope for the people there in Trollhättan.

    Have a nice Saturday morning!



  • It's a shame that the press obviously uses every opportunity for “SAAB bashing”. But honestly, doesn't it take for granted that the possibility of reconstruction is part of a plan B (or C or D)? None of this really wants to surprise me. And don't shock either.

    However, I'm really surprised that SAAB gets so much attention from so many people (and trolls) from people who do not like this brand. Why do you spend so much time with this brand? Maybe because she defies every onslaught and just does not want to starve on the long arm! And I hope that it will not happen this time and someday the long arm will be heavy and tired and SAAB will be able to get back on his feet in peace ... and build and sell cars again sometime. Yah!
    And yes, you small-minded trolls out there, I'm naive, I'm immature, I have no idea! But I do not enjoy the suffering of others but am happy with some friends and other fans on my automobile island.

    Yes. that had to be said now. Even if I run the risk of switching to another brand in a few weeks. That's just a car then. Otherwise I drive SAAB.

    to all a nice weekend
    Griffin up (never thought that I would write this once)

  • No, as Tom writes: Giving up is no alternative. I would say, now all the more!

    Off to the sunny weekend.


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