Saab Lage Sweden: Update on the situation

Currently Saab lives in different worlds. Here, the preparations for the IAA are in full swing and we have activated a small, fine network through the European clubs, so that Saab fans across Europe will notice in the next few days what's going on for the brand. Maybe even the press that absorbs bad Saab News like a dry sponge soaks up the water.

Thanks again to Andreas, the President of 1. German Saab clubsWithout the close cooperation with him and his reputation in the scene, only half of what would have been possible in a short time would have been possible.

In Sweden, the air is burning and speculations about the possible Saab end are increasing daily. This is now going too far for the foreign - not the Swedish - media. It seems to be read that for some in Sweden things cannot go fast enough and they cannot wait for the end of the automaker.

Unfortunately, these messages also came to Germany and were taken over by one or the other scribe without being checked. Poor research, and "wrong" bad news that drives readership up. Man oh man.

Consequence - my mailbox overflows on this subject because everyone who has read something in a third-class leaflet believes that this is the truth. Sorry guys, I respect every opinion and every fact if it is well founded. Saab has expressly contradicted the speculation about the reconstruction on Friday, the explanation from the Saab owner, Swedish Automobile:

Zeewolde, The Netherlands, 26 August 2011 - Swedish Automobile NV (Swan) is aware of certain reports in Swedish media related to a possible filing by Saab Automobile AB for a voluntary reorganization under Swedish law.

Swan confirms it's early announcements that it is in the process of solving the short and medium term funding of Saab Automobile to restart and sustain production. In order to secure the continuity of Saab Automobile, Swan and Saab automobiles are evaluating all available options. Swan wants to update the market in case of new developments.

Another issue that kept some of us busy over the weekend is the concern that our brand could end up in China as a cheap sell-off. The good news came today, exceptionally, from Dagens Industri. The newspaper has been speculating for days on the end of Saab, but has today found that the trademark rights are protected.

Only with the approval of Saab AB, that are those who build airplanes, rockets and satellites and, in a fit of humor, name portable rocket systems after Swedish kings, and trademark rights can be transferred from Scania - the truck builder. Saab AB has already determined that the brand is tied to Trollhättan and Saab Automobile AB. Incidentally, Scania belongs more or less to the Wolfsburg group.

And as Ferdinand Piech said a while ago at a lecture in Chemnitz. "Saab would fit well into the group." Well then.


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    Scarring dear saabists,

    I have to get rid of my mustard at this point: I can not anymore !!! Every day I read the blogs, press, homepages, etc. in search of the redeeming message. She comes and does not come. It consumes my nerves (as well as those of others, of course), like a lazy, near-death relationship. Except that I hope for a happy ending here, of course. But quite honestly: In the meantime, a lot of porcelain has been smashed, and in the end, it's getting harder and harder to get back on its own. Of course there are the contracts with the Chinese, of course there is an excellent factory in Sweden with good products. But I am slowly losing faith. What about the image damage? What are 15 T vehicles that have been ordered? To be honest, that's nothing when I look at how much it would take for Saab to be reasonably economical. Ok, in China there is a market that could even provide these numbers in the next few years. But now something must happen, otherwise I will see completely black.
    I see myself as an optimistic realist. I can give the (always also critically described here) continuous optimism of the Saabsunited friends something, like the way the reporting of this blog. But now really start to doubt too.
    I also think the option with a large German / European OEM is good. Especially against the background that “the Chinese” in Europe want to buy away everything that can produce reasonably reasonable four-wheeled vehicles. But why haven't you struck yet? Things are going badly now, where the Chinese have already pushed forward by contract. But if the store goes bankrupt and the Chinese drop out, then you could strike. At significantly more favorable terms.
    One thing I'm sure: that this brand persists in any form!
    Maybe I should stop by Ferdinand here in Salzburg tomorrow and talk to him. He doesn't know me, but I would know someone who knows him well ... ;-)

    Let's hope for the best, we hope another week for a redeeming message.
    Best Saab greetings from Salzburg

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      Hello Kobimex!

      Perhaps one shouldn't "fall into the house with the door" straight away with Mr. Ferdinand Piech. How about if our blog officially sends out a nice letter to Mr. Piech? From Trollhättan little seems to have been done in the direction of larger European car companies - the reasons, however, are a mystery to me. Probably only Victor Muller knows this.

      However, the aforementioned 15.000 ordered SAAB cars have grown at a time to this number, in which the image was already very unfavorable. I think this is quite considerable and the number would be much higher again in orderly company relationships. After all, the sale of 15.000 vehicles would already flush over € 500.000.000,00 in the SAAB box !!!

      Greetings from Hamburg

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    So I have to support it now.
    As a convinced SAAB 900 (Bj 86) driver I am actually not that much of VW at the hat but if SAAB could continue to live with the help of VW and does not end in China then I would say Mr. Piech it would be great if you could get us SAAB .

    Greetings from Austria


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    Ferdinand Piech has often had a “nose” for something - it is very likely that SAAB-Automobile would actually fit better with a Lower Saxony company than with a Chinese one.

    The Wolfsburg-based company could then offer something more individual in terms of design and technology - with this group, one could also assume better marketing for SAAB. Most likely, in my opinion, much more suitable than GM and also better than a large Chinese corporation.

    Ferdinand Piech, we would be happy….

    Greetings from Hamburg

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      Dear Joachim,

      that would be the worst thing that could happen!
      There would be nothing left of the 'Spirit of Saab'.
      Then finally let Saab die “with dignity” before we become one of the many names of the W. group.

      Greetings from the vicinity of the W. Group

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        somehow I realize that I have to join Johann. A SAAB would then sooner or later an Audi with another sheet metal dress, for the potential Audi buyers who want to have a bit more understatement, but not just a boring Passat.
        But SAAB is (even today) much more.
        I still hope for a better solution that will make SAAB live as SAAB.

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      Of course it is ok Saabsunited has the same goals as all of us, right?

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