IAA Saab convoy: update of the design proposals

Many suggestions for the appearance of our IAA Saabs have meanwhile landed in my mailbox. The idea search is still running until the 01.09.11, so it's still time to submit a good proposal. Many of the advertising slogans that have reached me relate to the Swedish origin of Saab. Some good ideas from Saab fans for the IAA ever today, as an update and small preview on the blog.

Saab 9-4x with Swedish flag, IAA proposal by Till
Saab 9-4x with Swedish flag, IAA proposal by Till

I think that's a good thing, because Saab has to emphasize its Nordic origins more. The idea of ​​Saab Fan Till to “dress” the new Saab 9-4x in the Swedish flag is almost brilliant. The proposal will probably not be possible due to the extremely short preparation phase, but it would definitely be OK, and it would be a good idea for further appearances.

A second trend is the roots of Saab and the memory of historic Saab models. Two readers said you could apply an old Saab, like the Ursaab, to the new vehicles. So the past and the future of our brand is traveling through Frankfurt at the same time.

Saab past and future, proposal from Jürgen to the IAA
Saab past and future, proposal from Jürgen to the IAA

It would definitely be cool if this could be done in a short amount of time. I think this suggestion will also be made in Frankfurt near Saab Germany, because I like it too.

But we will probably have to settle for good advertising slogans on the cars. Time is running out, Saab gets the drafts on the 01.09 and on the 13.09 the press will see our community Saab. In between there are not many working days.

Jürg has given us some ideas how the whole thing could look like. Simple, catchy slogans, I think that's our way.

Advertising at the IAA Saabs, ideas by Jürg
Advertising at the IAA Saabs, ideas by Jürg

That also seems to be what the fans think. In every second mail is the phrase "keep it simple". Simple, clear, Scandinavian. That is the language of Saab. Very good.

Not quite in the subject, but I really liked the mail from Guy from Luxembourg. In addition to slogans, Guy has also provided a great design that represents the past and future of Saab.

Draft Guy from Luxembourg to the IAA, Saab past and future
Draft Guy from Luxembourg to the IAA, Saab past and future

Thanks Guy for the work. If the alternative IAA appearance fails, which we all do not hope for, it will not be up to the Saab fans. All who have delivered the many designs and slogans already have my thanks. However, I see it, the decision is difficult.

Because there are absolutely strong ideas.

What an impressive statement. It shows us that Saab is alive and the community stands for the brand, especially in difficult times. More designs are welcome. The time is running !

Text: tom@saabblog.net

7 thoughts on "IAA Saab convoy: update of the design proposals"

  • blank

    tach together,

    to give my mustard, here are a few suggestions for slogans:

    SAAB - everything else is just a car.
    SAAB - steer first, then live.
    SAAB - fly! Please clap!

    a lot of success in frankfurt! Maybe we'll meet

    enjoy your work


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    Jörg's suggestion I think is good, but does not make too much in English, understand the determined 3 / 4 of the Germans not! Even if the IAA is international.

    In terms of color, I would try to differentiate myself from the usual black and silver. Just take something that stands out and is different than the usual colors. The eggplant I find very nice!

    Otherwise, I also think that it can not be difficult to give a blue Saab the Swedish flag (if I had time I could design mine like that ...) and then best with this one
    Vehicle start and finish the convoy.

    Oh and not only take men as a driver, but shows with women at the wheel a Saab is suitable for everyone (it would be best to represent different age groups)

    Many greetings and vocal much publicity wishes Cetak

    PS Even if I write here for the first time, I hope that it takes a little consideration

  • blank

    ... without words, but in Swedish.

    meaningful with little means.

    great: the sweden flag.

    easy and quick to implement.


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    Hello dear SAAB friends!

    I also think Jürg's suggestions are ok - which should definitely not be missing: At least 2 pretty women per station wagon and possibly a “family dog” in the hold (buckled up of course)!


    PS: The paint colors should be a bit lighter than dark brown and dark blue - possibly the new oak-metallic and of course silver-metallic.

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    And as a slogan
    “Sometimes, taste makes you feel lonely. saab
    Don't follow the crowd. "

  • blank

    I also had the Swedish flag idea.
    Transforming a blue Saab with yellow stripes can't be that difficult ...

    LG Martin

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    Jürg's ideas are suitable for putting them into practice - very concise and the choice of colors for the 9-5 Combis is excellent.

    Please make sure !!

    Greetings from Hamburg

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