Saab Crisis: Update on the situation in Sweden

For months, the situation is critical to dramatic, I know a lot of Saab fans who are so heartfelt that the nerves are now blank. If your nerves flutter, you should not read on and prefer to sit in the sun and enjoy the day.

Victor Muller

We remember, Muller was the media darling and the hero in Trollhättan. At the moment he is quite silent. But now he has broken his silence for the first time and given an interview to Automotive News. That's good, because the silence was too oppressive. Saab, he says, is working on the short-term financing that will bridge the time until the partners from China join. That coincides with our information and a solution is now expected very quickly.

If the officer of the Kronofogden Saab in the meantime bring too much distress, Muller excludes the escape into the reconstruction no longer.

The unions

The unions show how precarious the situation is and how tight the time window is. IF Metal could file for bankruptcy on Friday afternoon of this week at 16:15 p.m. sharp. Then the 7-day deadline for paying salaries has expired. The union must do this, because only then does the state wage guarantee for employees apply.

The week will be a week of decision-making and the course for the future of Saab is now largely set. Everything hangs by the thread. Anyway, I really trust Victor Muller to present the big hit at the last minute. Because it has to be a big thing, just deleting some small fires will not be enough. The work has been going on for a long time and it does not look bad.

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9 thoughts on "Saab Crisis: Update on the situation in Sweden"

  • Wednesday as the deadline would not be bad. Personally, though, I'm guessing from the painful experience of the last few months that salaries will be paid just before the end of the month and nothing else will change.
    Not even a good author wrote here: “Either production starts on August 29.08th. or not at all. ”? The idea of ​​the latter is terrible. On the other hand, a start of production is not in sight.

    • 🙂 ... I know the author personally. Let's hope he was wrong. 😉

  • Hallo,

    whether VW or what I know.
    Saab relies on a strong partner. It does not matter who this partner is, as long as not the same mistakes as GM were made.
    Because one thing should be clear -> SAAB could and can only exist with a strong partner. If this partner understands the Saab brand then it's only good for Saab. As long as there are no re-labeled vehicles but models that have been further developed with technology from Trollhättan. Then it is not important where the platform comes from, as long as it is good.

    If this change exists, it should be used!



    PS: Thank goodness, from Wednesday I can drive Saab again

  • Please do not VW
    then SAAB will not exist anymore
    Audi is only a VW costs more


    • Dear Bernhard,

      As a so-called niche brand, you can't be very picky these days - it's already very positive when the top-class Ferdinand Piech says that SAAB automobiles would be a good fit for the VW group.

      Perhaps further thoughts in this regard are superfluous anyway, if everything goes as Victor Muller planned it (hopefully long term).

      This week is probably the week of the decision.

      Greetings from Hamburg

    • Hi Bernard,
      agree with you ...
      What made SAAB, is always something different (not better, but to be good)!
      That would not work if SAAB, like many other names, was only allowed to use 'one shelf'. Your own thought would fall by the wayside!
      Greetings John

  • ALso when I hear that, I actually prefer a restructuring and a revival under VW. Especially since VW can certainly use the plant because they don't know how to produce anyway ...
    Or maybe a capacity utilization by Porsche, they already have experience in Sweden

    Let 's see, if the work can still be saved from all the seizures etc

  • Should the “Big Plan” turn into a very small plan, it would be very important to track down other investors as soon as possible.

    By this I mean that groups outside of Trollhättan are also doing something for the continued existence of the brand and, for example (as mentioned in the blog a few days ago) writing to Mr. Piech from the VW Group. He is said to have a certain interest in the traditional SAAB brand - one should also bear in mind that if the so-called short-term financing fails, the Chinese will at some point leave (this may also happen for other reasons) and then perhaps join with the VW Group an immediate and permanent “savior” would jump to the side….

    You should “grab hold of all possibilities”!


  • The "grand plan"
    Hopefully there will be activities and decisions behind the scenes that are well thought out and planned. There must be someone who benefits from this back and forth, otherwise it wouldn't be held. The viewer looks at the stage, experiences the chaotic plot and hopes that there is a script in this drama or that someone has a “grand plan” that will bring the play to a bearable end. Hope for 2 more days is still possible.
    Mit den besten Grüßen
    Bernd Seibel

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