Saab News: Swedish Allerlei and the Saab fans

Sweden is still very beautiful in late summer and many German Saab fans are visiting the country in northern Europe. Like Gunnar, Saab driver and loyal supporter of our Saab blog, on a tour of Sweden. He sent us this picture from Karlskrona.

Before his trip, we still had contact and I gave him some tips on what he should visit in Trollhättan. Actually, we both had hoped to see smoking chimneys at the Saab factory by the end of the month, but that will not work out. Anyway, Trollhättan is still worth a visit. Have fun in Sweden, Gunnar!

What I've learned over the summer is that a lot of Saab fans keep heading north to visit the home of their automotive passion. A Saab brings in the course of his long life significantly more money in the pockets of his homeland than you want to believe in Stockholm. Because a Saab is, as I have often written, always an ambassador of his native country.

Which brings us into the gray reality. There is nothing new in Sweden, at least not in a positive way. The situation is unchanged, employees are still waiting for wages and a solution is not visible. Even without our famous glass ball everyone knows that it will be decided in the next few days. Because the situation has become untenable.

Our reliable Swedish sources know - nothing. So time for speculation? Maybe. But definitely time for speculations. Swedish Automobile's stock was trading around 0,43 cents today. Whoever likes can buy now. Both are possible. Fat wins or total loss.

We will see. Meanwhile, I'm taking care of my real life and the IAA preparations, which of course continue. More about this during the day.


3 thoughts on "Saab News: Swedish Allerlei and the Saab fans"

  • Not even trial runs in the factory (today is the 29.08.2011)?

    The description of the situation by Tom is correct: The situation has become untenable!

    No mini-information from our otherwise so eloquent Viktor Muller. This is actually an impossible behavior towards Saab employees - but of course also towards all other parties (dealers, buyers, Saab enthusiasts, etc.). The scribes also intensify themselves into the most abstruse speculations - does this really have to be the case?

    However, I am also amazed that the so-called alternative IAA show is being prepared with vigor, although the future is completely unclear. How are you supposed to "answer questions" at this event to questioning contemporaries if you don't have any answers ready?


    • Hey Julie, we are preparing the alternative IAA with many others because the situation will have developed in one direction or another by then. Then you will also have answers to questions. or the questions are not asked first.

      • Thanks for the info - but I wouldn't get on a train if the destination was completely unclear. Brave, brave!

        Let's hope the best!

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