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Fine-tuning the IAA preparations takes a lot of time and the ambitious schedule challenges us. Not everything we get in “input” can be published immediately, so we concentrate on the essentials. Like, for example, the stock price of “Swedish Automobile”.

Yesterday a little voice said “buy” to me, which of course I didn't. As a cautious asset manager of the family budget, I would have been the hero of the day yesterday evening. With a whopping profit of 51%. Today the hunt goes on without me. So far we have a price gain of 20%, the share has already scratched the 90 cent mark. Maybe “Swedish Automobile” will no longer be a penny stock anytime soon. But be careful, the situation is speculative and yesterday large quantities - more than 10% of the shares - were traded.

In Sweden today, the quarterly figures are on, which of course will not turn out well. Maybe there will be a message after the bridge financing. We will see.

Some Saab dealers in Sweden left the boat a few days ago, but unfortunately under false pretenses. The headlines for Saab were negative and even came in the German press. Now they argue publicly in the newspapers with dealers who stand firm to the mark and see a big future in the cars from Trollhättan.

In Trollhättan, Eberspächer Nordic, supplier of exhaust systems for Saab, yesterday quit 7 employees - because of Saab. Since the terminations will only take effect in a few months, this is only a precaution and a note in the regional newspaper.

Bertel Schmitt, blogger of Truth about cars, today gets the price for the worst Saab item. He did not understand the background of the Saab IAA activities and so he writes an article that should read all who want to spoil the day. He should, if he already quotes Saabsunited, read more carefully, then his articles would be less superficial. But clicks are apparently also for Bertel Schmitt what counts and bad press is always good.

In this sense…


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  • I don't do that to myself anymore ... I don't know if a Saab driver unhooked his girlfriend or what else he has against the brand, but so far I haven't heard a reasonable, let alone positive word from him.

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      You mean the Bertel? It belongs to the ignore list.

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