Berlin Saab Fans: SAAB Automobile and the IAA Frankfurt

Guest article by Dirk Krinelke

For days the SAAB Community has been working together with SAAB Country Germany on a worthy event parallel to the 64. International Motor Show 2011 in Frankfurt / Main. Drafts were submitted for a specially designed community SAAB, the mailboxes swirled with ideas from enthusiasts to the SAAB presentation, were spotted and forwarded to the management, drivers were searched for and have the presentation "on the road" As a result, visitors from home and abroad announced. If that is not a resonance ...

Of course, we from the Berlin community are actively involved and are actively supported by SAAB Automobile Germany. So, especially for us and our sympathizers Saturday was the 17. September 2011 blocked.

On this day we get the opportunity to chauffeur cars of the SAAB-fleet through Frankfurt / Main. As Sunday offers more highlights, it can be a long weekend. If you are interested in traveling from Berlin to Berlin by carpool or convoy, please contact Dirk (blog of SAAB-REISEN, external link). Again, please: When applying, please provide the full name, address, e-mail and telephone number. Closing date is also the 4. September 2011.


The German Saab community holds together. That's why we also publish here posts by Saab friend Dirk, who runs the blog in Berlin. Because we all have the same goal!