Saab News: Money on the way?

Meanwhile, several independent sources report a larger amount of money on the way to Saab. Some write about a few billion Swedish kronor, another source mentions “only” one billion kroner.

Lars Carlström, yes he has emerged from oblivion again, the spokesman for Antonov said that "Saab will have something to communicate soon". OK. He doesn't tell us why his boss didn't close the Spyker deal. Carlstöm man, 300 million Swedish crowns for Spyker may not be much for Antonov, but they would be nice for Saab.

Today I have again received several emails on this topic. But, I do not know more than what I write. We all have to be patient.

The fact that unions are keeping still is a very good sign. Maybe Saab will need the weekend for the contracts. Positive signals are also coming from China, and the NDRC seems to be advocating and accelerating the Saab affair. So Victor Muller's big deal could work.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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    Hello Tom!

    Especially in this "time full of expectations" you have unfortunately heard so far nothing here in the blog so far ... ..

    Are you speechless - if so, because there are so many positive things or, on the other hand, only negative “snapshots” are recorded?

    Please report.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

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      Hello Julie,

      Unfortunately, the traffic on the A3 has destroyed my daily schedule. No, really new there is not. But, the signs for next week are good.

      Greetings to the north


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    I've been waiting for a Saab spare part for 4 weeks and I'm always put off. Is there actually any secured information as to when (if) Saab starts production again. I drive a 9-3 and I am absolutely thrilled with this car. I will probably drive it until it falls apart. But without a spare part ...? I keep my fingers crossed for Saab.

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    is there anything newer? According to today's “auotmobil production” report, things are not looking so rosy at the moment. Does anyone know more?

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    aaaalso, I lean far out of the window: when I read this and when I then read the article by Steven Wade on inside.saab, which he says: “Either way, life next week will not be the same as life this week ", and if you know how much he has written between the lines over and over again in the past ...


    I draw hope

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    ... slowly I would like to need my hands to work and "drive SAAB" again and not cross my fingers. I can only say that finally releases us fans from evil and lets the finances flow so that money can finally flow into the till again through delivered vehicles - toi toi toi Victor Muller and SAAB :-)

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    ... mine are almost blue ... would be really good new information ... I'm curious what you have to report!

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      :))))), mine too;), but the news have been more positive again lately :).


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