Saab News: Museum, Police and Finance

My day took place today on the highway and was not very enthusiastic. Much traffic jam, hardly Saabs and nothing else really clever. Almost. Because the only really relvante positive in terms of Saab may come from Detroit.

Detroit? Detroit News reports from a "safe source" that the NDRC will approve Pang Da and Youngman's entry into Saab this month, specifically over the next two weeks. After all. Let's see how good the sources in Detroit really are.

Trollhättan prepares you in case of need, should it not come to a good solution, which still indicates everything.

The Saab Museum is the object of concern. The unique collection of historical Saab should be protected from access by Kronofogden and others. This is the plan of Paul Akerlund, the militant mayor of Saab City, who wants to secure the Museum for the Commune. If this unique Saab collection were to be dissolved, it would be a drama for fans around the world.

The Swedish police today withdrew the order for 50 new special sow at ANA in Trollhättan. One hoped to deliver after the summer break. That is not the case and so the police can not wait any longer. Too bad.

Mixed news. But we are close. Both the bridge financing and the Chinese entry seem tangible. Once again, the next week will be the week of truth. Let us remain optimistic.


4 thoughts on "Saab News: Museum, Police and Finance"

  • Yes, at the IAA we have the (SAAB) Phoenix out of the ashes!

    Then SAAB Konvoy through Frankfurt! 🙂 Griffin Up!



  • The Detroit News actually always writes against Saab. I exclude Pro Saab. Yes, also in GM city. In this case, I think that is credible.


  • Does jamand know the detroit news more exactly? Is it something serious?

    As you know, there are quite different types of journalism in this world!

    The direction is still positive here - the truthfulness ...?


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