Saab week: The blog, the visitors, the fans, the service, the Mac

The week was once again turbulent from Saab's point of view. But, for the first time in a long time, I hope the coming week will be more relaxing and bring the solution to many Saab problems.

It will not be relaxing for me. Because the blog has become an honorary, semi-official Saab press office. Although only for the time of the IAA and its preparation, but it is always exciting. In a short time, the clubs and the Saab fans have a small press network spread across Europe. Not only that 1. German Saab Club with his dedicated first chairman and his good contacts is on board, on the Saab friends Erftkeis are there. Of the Saab Club from Finland supports the IAA activities of Saab as well as the friends Austria and many other friends throughout Europe. Can a brand die with such dedicated fans? Not really.

Also this month the blog once again had a visitor record. About 86.000 Visitors to our national blog are already crazy, but also a result of the crisis in Sweden and the exciting IAA preparation. The blog itself is becoming more international. In the age of Goolge Translator, the language barrier is getting lower and lower so many visitors from Russia are not surprised. Welcome all Russian Saab friends.

Another visitor is already more surprised. It is known that many suppliers and also Saab Partner BMW like to read here. It's amazing that a certain company from Detroit is here to visit. When resolving some IP addresses, I came across this company, which Saab wanted to unwind in an irresponsible way and then hastily sold. Dear readers from Detroit. With that you have made little friends. While there were always half a dozen Opel and Chevrolet products in my fleet, which were regularly renewed, the stock of GM products has now dropped. On 0. After all, a company that deals with employees and customers in this way can not be supported. Until proof to the contrary.

That the fans of other brands have fun, you could see yesterday on the highway. A horde of Porsche, Nissan and Corvette (oha, a GM product), all from the Czech Republic on the way to the Nürburgring. In the sports car the boys, the girls in the BMW M3 behind. 😉

Nissan, Porsche and Co, from the Czech Republic
Nissan, Porsche and Co, from the Czech Republic

Saab is a small brand. The little ones always have a hard time in this world and have to work harder than the big ones. That there is no lack of commitment at Saab in Germany, I hear again and again. The current example provided, involuntarily, my friend Marco.

My good longtime friend Marco got one bought used Saab 9-3after having to leave his 9-5 station wagon for family reasons. The time without Saab did not last long, so came the 9-3 as a second car in his family. Unfortunately, he is currently experiencing an unattractive story with the 9-3, for which neither the Saab nor Marco can do anything. Anyway, last night the Saab and Marco plus son Felix landed on a tow truck of the ADAC, after all three have been waiting for hours on a motorway parking lot in the sweltering heat. Not on the ADAC, but on a former Saab dealer who sold the 9-3 to Marco, but did not get the car started again. Last Exit ADAC.

The tow truck brought everyone to the Saab center in Frankfurt. By the way, son Felix is ​​just as big a Saab fan as his father, unconfirmed rumors claim that his first word would have been “Saab”.

Although the office and the workshop time were long over, people waited patiently for Marco at the Saab Autohaus Frankfurt. Now he is allowed to spend the weekend and the next days with a new Saab 9-5 XWD. That's good customer service.

Next week we will publish the program for the IAA here. I think Saab boss shoemaker and marketing director Claesson with your crew did a good job and there is a great event for the fans. The trip to Frankfurt and the visit to Fechenheim will definitely be rewarding.

Incidentally, the blogger has switched. After switching from a Mac Book to a Dell a while ago in a fit of madness, I returned to the Mac full of remorse. Fits the brand better too.

Right now I'm sitting on the lake with my Mac Book Pro and blogging. The loud, lame and energy-consuming Windows part I have not missed a second.

In this sense, a great weekend.


8 thoughts on "Saab week: The blog, the visitors, the fans, the service, the Mac"

  • By the way!
    In the “Berliner Zeitung” of the highest-circulation non-yellow press daily newspaper such as Bild, Saab made it to the front page with a comment about Saab and Victor Muller!

    His lonely struggle and the unusual communicative skills in direct conversation and his power of representation of visions. Well, and then that many of his old business partners have his promises to pay ...
    Anyway, supposing that Saab makes it to the front page in Berlin. Thank Kreuzberg and Schöneberg, because Saab is already really strong present when walking through the streets. At least the classics

  • Why kidding?
    Join me, why should Mac actually fit Saab. Encapsulated system that only works well because it is isolated and can not run with other software / may.
    By contrast, Windows is literally open source

    But Saab Think really only Android fits as an open source platform.
    Or how was it with IQon

    • blank

      It's also the design that counts. If Saab were to build computers 😉, they would look like a Mac (regardless of the operating system) ...

  • blank

    I think MAC and Apple meanwhile too much stream to be called with Saab in the same breath
    * just kidding *


  • blank

    at some point the saab will probably still have the toilet paper ...

    even with a ibm-notebokk you can read the blog and love saab, actually unimaginable.

    • blank

      Belongs also to the Chinese

  • blank


    Saab and Mac just fits !!!!

    Today I met 10 Saab on the way to the coast (7 convertibles, 2 9-5 station wagons and a 900 ′). 2 of them even gave signs. 🙂

    Sit now on ferry and of course I'm the only Saab. 🙁

  • blank

    I used to work on a Dell job, it was a hard time. Now happy again with a Mac

    It's like Saab, the other cars are running too, but it's just less fun.

    On a good next week!

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