Saab 9-5 tuning: Maptun performance as an alternative

There is not just deer performance from Switzerland, too Maptun from Sweden can give wings to the good old Saab 9-5. Thus, the performance increase of Sweden is available in several stages and often with higher yield.

Maptun also offers an alternative for the brakes, unfortunately only for 18 ″ rims at Hirsch. The sports brakes can be driven with the usual 17 ″ rims, which I find better since I lose too much comfort with 18 ″ tires. Especially for the BioPower, a performance increase in many stages up to an extreme 400 HP is possible.

The current disadvantage with Maptun is the lack of workshop density in Germany, so one is only in Hamburg and represented in Walldorf at JMTrollTec with two bases. That's a pity, because I see a lot of potential for the Swedish tuner in Germany and a rewarding, second pillar for the Saab dealer. A well-made Maptun base would certainly appeal to fans.

There is also no factory guarantee for the increase in performance, about which Saab drivers have told me only good things so far - which should not be relevant, however, since most Saab 9-5 of the first series no longer have a guarantee.

A plus point of Maptun is the availability of performance enhancements for older Saab models like the 900 II, the Saab 9-3 I and the Saab 9000, which have long since become unavailable at Hirsch.

For my Saab 9000, I ordered the strut brace and the brakes some time ago. Unfortunately, both with longer delivery time, as the Swedes have regrettably communicated to me. Normally it is easier to do business with Maptung and the products are available from stock. Such a mail from Sweden, which I received on Monday.

Anyway, the contact with Maptun is good, the communication is right. The products are worth considering as an alternative to deer. How well Maptun really we will see when the long awaited parts finally arrive.