Saab IAA Convoy: Community Saab 9-5 Design Suggestions

IAA Saab 9-5 sports suit, suggestion from Wolfgang "The Swede never dies"
IAA Saab 9-5 sports suit, suggestion from Wolfgang "The Swede never dies"

When viewing the suggestions from the Saab fan community, Saab Marketing chief Henrik Claesson noted that “one price will not be enough to meet the suggestions”. It is a wise decision and in principle the whole Saab community deserves recognition for the commitment to our Swedish brand.

Proposed by Wolfgang, Saab 9-5 sports suit "A Quantum of Sweden"
Proposed by Wolfgang, Saab 9-5 sports suit "A Quantum of Sweden"

Wolfgang is a graphic designer and copywriter by profession - of course also a professing Saab fan. He took a lot of time and delivered a whole series of designs. He got his inspiration from the James Bond films and somehow the statements are crisp and appropriate.

IAA proposal from Wolfgang, Saab 9-5 "Gold Schwede"
IAA proposal from Wolfgang, Saab 9-5 "Gold Schwede"

Also from the print sector is Saab Fan Ullrich, who incidentally also has one beautiful Saab 96 the last series drives. We recently had a photo shoot with the 96 and when the IAA show is over and I closed my honorary Saab press office, a photo story about the 96 comes in new car status.

Ullrich has come up with the following advertising ideas:

SAAB - sympathetically different

SAAB - individuality instead of boredom

SAAB - individual instead of conventional

SAAB - driving pleasure in Swedish

SAAB - sympathetically different - but safe!

SAAB - Of course!

SAAB - sympathy on wheels

SAAB - Swedish clear

SAAB - scandinavian sympathy

Hey Ullrich, because you notice the long years in the industry. Thanks to Munich. The Saab community is open and tolerant. It has no limits and there is no language barrier. You can tell that from the solicitations for the Saab convoy coming from all over Europe.

From Finland comes from Jani following mail to the topic, which I would like to publish here in the extract:

... first one, you should get know to people, how good car saab is, it is
very good car to drive., one of the best. Finland, many car sellers
say, that saab is good car, better than volvo, audi etc, but some
reason, it is very difficult to sell, saab is having some-child
bad reputation, bad fuel economy, maybe old 99 took much
fuel), and old technology (it is not, like saab trinionic was very good
engine management system). You should get those things to peoples.
those are at my opinion, saab is very advanced car, and important it
is so good car driven, one of best

So saab is safe cars, familys who especially children,
could be one big group for saab.

and so saab is young and fresh car.

low emission
good driveable
durability ...

Thanks to Jani! The topic of Sweden and Saab's peaceful, open image have kept many readers and Saab drivers busy. Tom, just the same name - not the blogger, has interpreted the “Swedish heart” as an idea in a new way. The little bug was changed in the final draft. So please tolerance.

Proposed by Tom, "From Sweden with Love"
Proposed by Tom, "From Sweden with Love"

The heart of Sweden is one of my secret favorites and goes very well with Saab.

Saab will announce the winners of the best designs on Tuesday. I thank all those who have brought in great ideas. is currently very time consuming, as many Kontake and coordination to alternative IAA on my desk run.

The overwhelming feedback from the Saab community confirms the work and shows that Saab is on the right track in Germany. If you get the problems fixed in Sweden this week, you do not have to worry about the future of Saab here in the country.


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  • I fell in love with “A Quantum of Sweden” 🙂
    Great suggestions! And it's nice to see that it also receives such great recognition from the official side.

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