Saab in China: Distribution channels cleared

The Saab situation is crazy and the scenario is dramatic. While Sweden fights more than ever for the future of our brand, sales channels in China are now firmly established.

So far, new Saab have been distributed in China through a subsidiary of GM and SAIC. Automotive News China announces today that in the future a subsidiary of Pang Da, in the future also Saab co-owner, will take over the sales in China. The entrance of the Chinese is allegedly now in the fall.

It's crazy. This will set the course for the future and make distribution clear for China. China could become by far the most important market for the Swedes. Even with the NDRC everything seems to go as desired. But in Sweden the signs are on storm and since 72 hours there is absolute silence in Trollhättan. There is no forecast for tomorrow. Swedish parallel worlds.

Everything will be fine ? Everything has to be alright!


3 thoughts too "Saab in China: Distribution channels cleared"

  • I do not hope the plant will move from Sweden to China and be built by Youngman?
    and Pang Since then the Younman Saab distributes?

    • That would be such a thing again ...
      The labor force would be cheaper and the material probably not as stable as the good old Swedish steel; as far as the superficial.
      In other words, this is exactly the approach that will bring us many new Saabs with good luck, and hopefully without this "disgusting" GM aftertaste and their Opel engines (though I've really loved the 2.2 TiD from 2001).
      If you look at Volvo, the Chinese have kept and even improved the old Volvo image. Personally, I would be happy about the future and wait and see.

  • At least something pleasing regarding SAAB; the distribution channels in CHINA are at least clarified, the production is incidental. Will the horse be reared ??

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