Saab location: In Västragötland (nothing) little new…

Update: 11: 35

The location in Trollhättan was quiet at the weekend. Too quiet for my taste and the usual sources are more or less at a loss. That it will not stay so calm is clear. It could be the calm before the hurricane or the calm before the liberation.

The Swedish media see another “fateful week” for Saab, again. Something is going to happen this week and the faster it comes, the better. Because the insecurity gets on your nerves. Not only with me. Employees are still waiting for wages and unions are still silent. It's still a good sign for me. The passivity cannot be explained without very good reasons, which are also justifiable to the members.

It remains dramatic and exciting, like in one of the best Swedish thrillers. Although the Danes now write the better books.

I could do without the tension and wish the drama a good ending. Like many fans with whom I had contact on the weekend. Incidentally, the stock of “Swedish Automobile” is fairly stable, almost passive, oscillates somewhere between € 0,70 and € 0,75 and is also not sure where the journey is going.

Update: The union IF Metal will decide tomorrow where the journey is going. Until Monday, they gave Victor Muller time to clarify the situation. Tomorrow, the decision on a bankruptcy petition will be taken. The necessary documents will be prepared for this and in the afternoon, the passage to the district court. Not a nice thing.

I now pick up the phone and speak to Saab. It's about the IAA campaigns. Maybe there is the “little light” on the horizon from Frankfurt. We will see.


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    “I like it” 😉

    also do not understand the behavior ...

  • It is already admirable how loyal Saabfahrer stand for their brand.

    If I have calculated correctly, the tapes are now silent for 4-5 months. Production start first 4.7., Then 14.8. and last 29.8. ds.Jhs. and nothing moves.
    No flow of information - no answers from Sweden to open questions - and so, with all my faithfulness, I ask myself how long the whole mess will last and how long is it reasonable.

    Can I really just myself answer the question, how long do I still stick to my SAAB Aero Griffin convertible order ??

    If Saab in Trollhättan continues to deal with its dealers and customers as they did before, it won't be long. The minimum is to give the customer information about the start of production, which is correct and adhered to. Silence is probably the worst of all solutions.

    Saab Freak

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    Server problems? Looks like…


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    What is going on with the Saabsunited team? We haven't been able to call up the page for hours - other Internet users probably feel the same way.

    Who can give information here?


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    Thank you 😉 ... I see the light in the dark tunnel ...

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    Well then let's hope that the candle turns into a blazing fire 🙂

    All schönnnnnnnnnnnn think positive!



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    ... and already hung up? Is there a ray of hope on Frankfurt?

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      Yes, I feel like it. There is nothing to report that would help us. One can, may and does not want to say anything about the current development. Point.

      No new bright spot. The IAA preparations continue. As long as you work on it, the candle is not extinguished. 😉

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