Saab Lage Sweden: Stay calm…

Update: 11: 52 / 14: 18

The clouds over the Stallbacka in Trollhättan are threatening and jet black. Today threatens the hurricane, which announces itself since days. There is no public statement available from Saab so far.

The unions are threatening for today with a bankruptcy petition to the competent district court. So far, there is no evidence that at the last minute a cancellation or a salary payment. Because Saab has also communicated nothing over the weekend, which would have helped the unions.

There's a union meeting this afternoon. Then it should be decided whether the way to Vänersborg go to the district court. Meanwhile, union members have spoken out in favor of giving Saab more time to seek a solution.

The meeting of the unions is scheduled for 15:00 p.m. in the form of a video conference. The signals from the union leaders are different. While Stefan Löfven, the chairman of IF Metal, thinks he can wait a reasonable period of time, up to three weeks - provided signals from Saab are given, other union leaders have lost patience. A statement from Saab, i.e. from Victor Muller, would be important now.

The announced and eagerly awaited bridge financing is neither denied nor confirmed.

No matter what happens today, everything is possible and open in every direction - we stay tuned. The blog is in very close contact with Saab.

Even in dramatic developments, something good can be good in the long term. There are many options for Saab. We should think about that and stay calm.


10 thoughts on "Saab Lage Sweden: Stay calm…"

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    clear! if 26% is not clear, then what?

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    Hello dear Tom!

    The Opel advertising is quite irritating - I'd rather SAAB or BMW ...

    Here is a need for clarification!


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      Dear Julie,

      does anyone have to pay for the server? Donations or advertising? No donations - so advertising. 🙁



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    Strangely enough, the share price is actually going up a little. Strange because positive statements were not made public in a timely manner - is something really going on in the background?

    Maybe finally the liberation.

    Greetings from Hamburg

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    well ... clearly ... ;-(

    they will already have something up their sleeves ... otherwise it would be nicely handled the whole thing ...

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    After the share price is currently going up significantly, something has to happen in the background.

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    If Muller, then Muller ... is it about him or about Saab?

    I'm excited.

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      What this is about should be clear to everyone: To maintain SAAB automobiles - this includes production facilities, staff, suppliers, dealers, enthusiastic customers, etc.

      In terms of content, I have not fully buckled your comment - I ask for clarification.


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    Is there anything else positive? Is there a plan or is Muller disappearing completely?

    Greeting Leif

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    Hi all!

    Nobody can be interested in the fact that the production and thus the staff are still idle - especially since the order books are quite well filled despite the tense situation (the order volume can only get better quickly after production starts).

    The signs from China point in a positive direction and thus it is high time that the relatively short span of time
    is finally bridged financially - a tendency as to where the funds needed for this could come from should, however, also be shown by the management for general reassurance (crawling somehow makes a strange impression)!


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