Saab News: Is Saab under reconstruction today?

The situation in Sweden has been highly dramatic for days. Today at 7: 52 Watch, the Swedish news agency TT announces that Saab Automobile AB will submit an application for reconstruction later in the day.

Saab would be under the protection of the state. However, the application must be approved, which will not be easy. Because the reconstruction is usually granted only to companies that can demonstrate an ongoing production.

The Saab employees are currently meeting at the factory in the Stallbacka. There they receive new information on how the situation will develop today. So far there is no statement from Saab on this topic.

Vladimir Antonov seems to be on the decline. This reports today Dagens Industri. The Russian investor will not participate in the meeting of the Swedish automotive suppliers in September, despite an invitation from the highest authority. The relationship between Muller and Antonov should now be very frosty. This of course fits the Spyker purchase, which was announced and never completed by Antonov.

I think there will be more to report soon.


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  • According to SWAN press release, the reconstruction seems to be sealed. Is a lawyer or economist on board able to explain everything to us? Let's hope that SAAB emerges strengthened from the rebuilding!

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