Saab reconstruction: No decision of the local court today

The decision of the District Court of Vänersborg on the Saab Reconstruction Proposal has been postponed to tomorrow. In principle, the fate of our car maker depends on tomorrow's 14: 00 on the famous thread.

Today I talked to Saab Country Director Shoemaker. He continues to fight for the brand, even though the circumstances in Sweden are low. The Saab IAA event in Frankfurt has been overrun by today's events and will not take place despite the program's timing and preparations. Saab can not authorize any additional expenses until the court has appointed an administrator.

This is the event, which was worn with great commitment from the Saab community and the clubs, canceled. In addition, and to other Saab specific things, which concern Germany comes at the latest tomorrow more.

For today we expect a statement from Victor Muller for the German Saab drivers and brand fans. As soon as this is the blog, the publication follows.


2 thoughts on "Saab reconstruction: No decision of the local court today"

  • Hey Viggen, tell me, what should the Saab D boss tell his "last" dealers today when his superiors in Sweden can't tell him anything, if a decision by the court is not to be expected until tomorrow ...?

    M. f. G.

  • Hallo,
    it's nice that the blog is related to SAAB.
    It would be desirable that the Country Director also contact with his last
    Dealer stops.
    They have not received any information today.

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