Saab Reconstruction Proposal: Customer Letter from Victor Muller

Victor Muller has written to all German Saab fans and Saab drivers an open letter to the current situation of our Swedish favorite brand, which we like to publish here.

The letter from the Saab CEO also shows the commitment to German Saab customers and dealers and explains the situation better than current press releases can presently show.

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  • Pandda and Youngman submitted their plan on September 6 to Dsitrict DRC of Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, NDRC approval.It needs to go level by level from Xiaoshan DRC, to Hangzhou city DRC to Zhejiang provincial DRC, to NDRC eventually.

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    In my view, a reorganization should have been carried out long ago. In the meantime, a lot of confidence in the management has been lost. Anyway, I wonder what happened to my Saab 9-4x ordered in March (which should be delivered at the end of September)? Is / was this ever produced? If so, is it delivered? What happens to service and warranty services? How is a potential resale value developing?
    Actually, I do not want to withdraw from the purchase contract. At the moment, however, there are many questions that nobody wants / can answer.

    Greetings from Switzerland to all Saab fans.

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      Hello Diablo,

      Withdrawal or cancellation is fundamentally not possible according to Swiss sales law; However, Saab Switzerland is very accommodating with requests to terminate the contracts by mutual agreement. I canceled mine for a 9-3 SC about 1 month ago and I will receive my C-Class shortly. I can very well imagine that my vehicle after next will be a Saab again - provided a solution is found that, like the Jaguar / Land Rover & Tata, ensures the long-term survival of the Saab brand as a technologically advanced niche player. However, I have my doubts whether Pang Da and Youngman's pockets are deep enough for that; a few hundred million euros are nowhere in this capital-intensive industry.

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        Hello Swissy

        My Saab dealer has verbally assured me that I can dissolve the purchase contract at any time. At the moment, I do not see any interesting alternatives to the 9-4x.
        As far as the financial power of Pang Da and Youngman is concerned, I do not know if this will be enough in the long term. From the business environment, unfortunately, I have the experience that the Chinese like to make fast and big promises. What they are allowed to do then is another matter. Especially when it comes to dear money, they are then not so fast (payment morality).

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          I can't confirm - occasionally have Chinese business people as customers. Pay without further ado - even larger sums.

          To be honest, doing business with Chinese is more enjoyable than having business partners from other nations.


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    A reorganization (fortunately possible under Swedish law) can also prevent, for example, the production facilities from being sold to somewhere for “little money” - as if the company were to be closed.

    In the event of a closure, creditors would have next to nothing to expect. The SAAB workers would not find a decent job that quickly - the whole region around Trollhättan would bleed out, as it is well known that everything is no longer “running smoothly” in Sweden.

    The SAAB-Automobile brand would also no longer exist (at most “genes” from SAAB automobiles somewhere - similar to ROVER), which would then actually no longer be of real interest to us!

    Dear judges in Vänersborg, please make the right decision.

    Best regards from Schleswig-Holstein

    DR (hopefully I will be able to buy the safe SAAB vehicles from Trollhättan for the next few years).

  • Then we hope that the court will allow the reorganization. I understand that, otherwise it will not continue. (which we all do not want)

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