Saab Reconstruction Proposal: Decision today

Reconstruction is Saab's opportunity to reorganize and leave the reconstructive process as a stable, healthy company. The application must be approved by the district court in the neighboring municipality Vänersborg and the three competent judges decide today about it.

The resolution will drop today to 14: 00 am, a press conference is expected for 14: 30. If the judges approve, then an attorney for the court will conduct the reconstruction process in Trollhättan. Saab Automobile has proposed the lawyer Guy Lofalk, who specializes in the restructuring of companies.

It is not certain if the District Court approves the reconstruction. It would be desirable for Saab and also Stefan Lövfen from IF Metal welcomes this development. But Saab came out well over 18 months ago, from the reconstruction initiated during the GM era.

What remains is a fingers crossed. Mine are already completely flat, so many times I have pressed the last few months ...

Anyway, today is the day of the decision, there is no one back.


9 thoughts on "Saab Reconstruction Proposal: Decision today"

  • The market for cars for individualists is still there. Unfortunately, Saab has not achieved in recent months / years that this brand is still perceived in the market. Even dealing with dealers leaves a huge potential for improvement unused.

    Here Saab Germany has completely and completely failed, until today!

    a victor muller is responsible for the current events - blame is something else and he only bears this to a small extent, as he has certainly made mistakes, which his extreme commitment to saab more than relativizes.
    pity that not more saab enthusiasts have done the most important thing: buy a new vehicle.
    my 9-5 II, my 9-3, my 900 turbo 16s are all excellent cars and especially with the new 9-5 I'm very happy to have been able to drive this for three quarters of a year.

    There will always be foolish talkers like this so-called “expert” - every day the gazettes are full of such speech bubbles without substance and live primarily from chatter with a half-life of a few hours.

    the fan community of saab is certainly unmatched - especially now it is important to continue even more so that the current processes only remain episodes over the next few years.

    the cars - and ultimately that's what it's all about - more than deserve it - just like the employees in trollhättan and elsewhere in the world.

    i personally wish vm much luck and hope for him that he will experience the positive turn as a ceo.

  • Car expert does not believe in Saab future
    The car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer no longer sees a future for the traditional Swedish company. "Saab has no chance and is now being processed," said the expert from the University of Duisburg-Essen of the dpa. With a view to Saab's application for bankruptcy protection, Dudenhöffer said: "It was only a matter of time." It was rather "surprising" that this was only happening now. Saab is playing in a league with the large luxury-class manufacturers BMW, Audi, Daimler and Volvo. But these would have much larger numbers.

    -> That he already had to add his mustard was clear 🙁

      • Skol!

        The Honorable Professor gave his mustard on the subject of Saab two years ago. At that time it was as constructive as today!

        Well, what's up. Then I'll stick a sticker on my 9-3:
        "Broke. But sexy! "

  • thanks for the information!
    obviously there is no decision of the district court today.

  • Trading of SWAN shares was suspended immediately after the press release.

  • I would have liked other messages better - but if that is the solution for saab's future, then it's okay too.
    i don't understand today's share price development - only minimal losses compared to yesterday's increases.

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