Saab Crisis: Updates from Sweden for the weekend

This morning I was in the Saab center Frankfurt, where Saab Germany is located, as a workshop customer with one of my Saabs. The workshop is still well booked, which makes me happy and on the used car space were during my time in Fechenheim quite a few interested people on the way.

Of course, I met a colleague from Saab Germany on the company premises who just came from the international conference call with Victor Muller.

Saab, that is the message, has not given up or given up. Saab management in Trollhättan works very closely with partners and suppliers around the world. Saab will appeal the court's decision on Monday. Hopefully then you will bring somewhat better arguments and more facts. Perhaps, that is my hope for something final from the realm of the Middle. Because only facts will convince the judges.

Pang Da and Youngman, the new (perhaps) Saab owners, are surprised by the situation in Sweden. Both have expected a positive decision for the reconstruction. Well, now it's up to the Chinese to do something again.

Apparently Victor Muller has made a new enemy. The official of the Kronofogden is, let's say, annoyed for several reasons. On the one hand, Muller repeatedly emphasizes being able to pay the wages, but cannot do this due to the work of the Kronofogden. When asked where the money was, he replied with “Vi har dem i en stor låda under mitt skrivbord. Nej, självklart finns de på ett bank account ”. Loosely translated as “in a box under my desk. No, of course we have it in a bank account ”.

Too bad that the Kronofogden does not know this account and Muller does not want to communicate with the officer about it. In any case, Muller is now accused of breaching the "disclosure obligation" in Sweden.

Anyway, whatever you think of Muller or not. Diplomacy looks different.

Air, or rather a deadline, came from the unions. Time that will hopefully be used well. Because the unions can only choose between several evils. If you send Saab into bankruptcy, the most important employer in the region will be lost. The unemployment rate is already around 10% and for older workers, leaving Saab would also be a goodbye from working life. The unemployment benefit is between 50-60%, which is not a lot.

So one waits further for a financing solution, probably only until Tuesday. Is there something hopeful for the weekend?

Unfortunately, no. Our friends and colleagues at Saabsunited are discussing the plan for an "unofficial reorganization". A nice idea with a lot of question marks and even more imponderables.

Standing and falling is the idea of ​​a reconstruction with the money from China, which has to be there now. Not in 3 weeks, not in 6 weeks. Without a lot of input from Beijing, everything remains theory. There's nothing more to say about that. Point.

Take advantage of the breather over the weekend. Tomorrow other topics. Guaranteed.


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