Saab Lage Trollhättan: Update the situation

The situation is dire and difficult to keep track of. Yesterday I received more than 120 emails from fans about Saab. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to answer every single one, because the blog is a "one-man show". I also have a very demanding job, which also gives me the freedom to write here in this “non-profit show”. Important issues such as warranty processing and spare parts will be answered in detail at the weekend, that's a promise.

But now back to the current situation in Trollhättan.

The union unions gathered today at 9: 00 members to discuss the way forward. Although Saab wants to give more time, on the other hand, more and more Saab employees are seeking financial help for associations and banks. That's the page. Other Saab employees are calling for the unions to continue to wait out of fear for the workplace.

The unions are doing the splits. Very difficult, also in view of the extremely tense job market situation in Trollhättan and the very high unemployment rate. If there is no solution, ie no Plan D, the unions will have to act.

The local politicians from Vänersborg, Trollhättan and Lilla Edet try to do what is possible. Because even for the municipality Vänersborg the Saab bankruptcy would be a disaster, our small car brand is here, too, the largest private employer. Politicians from Vänersborg who have a meeting with Mrs. Olofsson, therefore, want to raise the Saab situation there.

Victor Muller is currently giving many interviews. Again, after months in deep silence. He says a lot, and again little. He is combative and a master of puns. I got stuck with a concrete sentence from his interview. No. Actually, there are two sets that should interest us.

First, the court case. If the district court in Vänersborg rejects the appeal, then you go to the Supreme Court in Sweden.

The other was the Chinese entry at Saab. Muller sees investors 4 away until 6 weeks away. Very close, yet far too far.

It's not over yet. We should not write off the stamp yet. Even in difficult and dramatic things is a new opportunity.

Again and again I hear this Rover comparison. Saab, we shouldn't forget, is not Rover. Rover was successful in selling small, cheap cars from Japan that got a British make over. Rover's greatest accomplishment was converting a sedan from front-wheel to rear-wheel drive and implanting a V8. A product that the market has longed for. That was Rover.

Saab, on the other hand, has technologies that other companies do not have. The electric four-wheel drive, for example, a spin-off from Saab where our automaker still holds shares. Saab would have run the production, the first access rights to this technology. Other automakers would like these things too.

Saab has a Saab 9-3 ePower, which could run off the line immediately. In Gothenburg, you can only get 2012 with a similar product.

I write this so we do not put our heads in the sand. But proudly continue to stand by our brand.


7 thoughts on "Saab Lage Trollhättan: Update the situation"

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    I wish you also tom!

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    who I really feel sorry for is swade from “inside saab”, who now has to publish such news almost every day instead of constantly expanding the circle of saab enthusiasts.
    he gave up his job in australia to fight for a cause - far from home - which was and is very close to his heart.
    he has been excellent in supporting saab and I wish him the very best that the times for which he has taken this big step come.

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      Marcus, that's right. I'm really sorry for Swade, too, because I wish he had a dream come true. I hope that for him and for all Saab employees in Trollhättan and somewhere in the world finally better times come.

      Have a nice Weekend !


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    ... I just read that the Kronofogden complained that VM did not openly explain the financial situation of SAAB to him and accused him of illegal behavior. SAAB can't need something like that now ... tststs ...

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    admit: I am a fan of vm, because this person has charisma and perseverance, coupled with ideas and clear vision of the future, only:
    alone he will not be able to handle it permanently and he urgently needs a professional team around him.
    every CEO of another company would have thrown in the towel a long time ago - not vm and that's what sets him apart, even if he has made mistakes - who doesn't?

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    Very sad the whole thing. My SAAB dealer has already informed his customers that everything is over. I do not know about you, but my confidence in the management skills of VM is disturbed. Even if he can now come up with a Plan D or the lawsuit is successful, when will the next problems be?



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      Probably the next problems. But one thing you have to leave VM -> he doesn't give up and that's a good thing!



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