Saab crisis: Vladimir Antonov no longer on board

For days we heard the rumor of an ice age between Vladimir Antonov, the car enthusiast from London, and Victor Muller. At first we did not want to believe it, because Antonov is considered the financier behind Muller. But the rumor remained and today it has been confirmed. Vladimir Antonov is not involved in the current events at Saab.

In an email to the local newspaper, he formulated that "he hadn't been there for months", above all due to the behavior of the government in Stockholm and the Luxembourg bank. Of course, this also explains why the Spyker sale was not completed.

For Saab and the staff in Trollhättan that, once again, is bad news. Because Antonov's millions were so far as a secret backup for Saab also a kind of survival insurance. Without Antonov, the chances of a turnaround have dropped rapidly.

The Saab press release came last night that Muller had been “misunderstood”. There was no money for the wage payments, not even in foreign accounts. That fits in with the statement made to Kronofogden yesterday. The whole thing is an embarrassing carver, in a series of many carvers.

This event is not helpful for Saab and for the credibility of the Saab CEO. It is sad to tragic and does not bode well for us.


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  • Well, Antonov is not without controversy and whether he would have done the SAAB image well? Who knows. Perhaps you can also get something positive out of it: is his exit more a positive signal to other investors?



  • blank

    but today you are deeply depressed….
    vm's misleading statements have now been corrected and i see that as done - you don't have to blow everything up and this man is electrified, i'm sure.
    Antonov has been quiet for some time, so nothing really moving.

    both things have nothing to do with the upcoming actions on monday and do not change the chances - or risks.

    how did you write yesterday:

    stay calm!

    • blank

      Well, I would not call it depression. Let's say it like this. It's hard to stay optimistic right now. Or?

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        Hello Tom,

        Of course it is not easy at the moment, but it does not bother us to respond to any news, especially from the press.
        there have been so many news recently, all of which had a bad value of a few days - in reality it didn't bring anything.
        we can have different views on vm - but I think it's good and right that he's been saying less about himself lately - he used to announce things too early and then had to experience reality ...
        the man learns fast.

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    alea iacta est - we'll see



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