Saab IAA convoy: The winning design proposals

The winner: Proposal from Wolfgang Saab 9-5 "Greetings from Sweden"
The winner: Proposal from Wolfgang Saab 9-5 "Greetings from Sweden"

The IAA convoy in Frankfurt has been canceled. Likewise the alternative Saab IAA show, both were overwhelmed by the events in Sweden. This article was written before the dramatic events of this week and I decided to publish it. Because from the Saab community came so much commitment, that should not be forgotten. The article text:

Sometimes the crew of Saab Germany is not to envy their job. A lot of good suggestions for designing the Community Saab 9-5 came in a short time and the decision-making was difficult. Saab Country Manager Jan-Philipp Schumacher was visibly thrilled when he saw the selection.

For him, it is a clear statement by the Saab community that stands for your brand. "With such committed fans, there is no question that Saab will have a good future in Germany," he said when reviewing the suggestions. Marketing Director Henrik Claesson added “… we feel that many fans are there with a lot of heart. That doesn't make the choice easier for us ”.

Positive for Saab was the feedback anyway and it also gives me an idea of ​​what would be possible in Germany for our Scandinavian brand.

After intensive consultation, the winners were decided. For me, the real winner is without a doubt the Saab brand. As already indicated, Saab has donated three prizes, Henrik Claesson remarked that "in fact, every submitter deserves a prize."

First place: Wolfgang Gilde from Hamburg with his suggestion “Greetings from Sweden”.

In second place: Ulrich Beitel from Munich with his slogan: “SAAB - driving pleasure in Swedish”.

On 3: André Braß from Unna with the slogan: Quality! Safety! Design! Fun! Saab!

One of my pleasant tasks as a blogger was to bring the good news to the winners.

Ulrich Beitel, he has been a convinced Saab driver and Sweden fan for many years, was very happy about the good news. He was even more pleased with the lively participation in the competition, which he considers a good sign for his favorite brand.

Thank you, Ulrich, there's nothing left to add.