Saab News: China & Saab at the weekend

Are we hoping? Maybe. Because from the People's Republic there is news. First, by Lotus Youngman. The matter is a bit confusing and shows a lot about Chinese bureaucracy. Last week, Youngman has taken hurdle number one and gotten the green light from the local NDRC branch.

In the next week, the green light is expected on Wednesday from the provincial representation of the NDRC and then - four weeks later the very big green light from Beijing - from the headquarters of the NDRC. So much for an interview with Svenska Dagbladet. Maybe there is a nice document at Youngman that the Vänersborg court is happy with.

The other Chinese, from Gothenburg, would like to take over some parts of Saab if our brand goes bankrupt. Last week you already met Saab representatives for a corpse inspection and would like to swallow the service and parts area. Clean. That writes - of course - Dagens Industri. DI is negative as always, it's about Saab. The text must have been fun for the boys in Gothenburg.

There is still one positive thing from Geely. The complete takeover is not ruled out. But then - you have recognized that correctly - the consent of Scania and Saab AB.

Hmm. Geely. An association with Volvo? It remains exciting. And it looks a little better than last night.


5 thoughts on "Saab News: China & Saab at the weekend"

  • If European automakers are not interested - then you have to be happy when the Chinese enable SAAB to survive. You don't know beforehand whether Geely or Lotus Yougmann would be better for SAAB. The main thing would be that someone saves SAAB at all!

  • why not the Chinese? The volvo is running. If China secures the continued existence. Does not mean that is produced in China, and somehow they also want to learn quality


    Since SAAB should rather go bankrupt and very deep bury so that the Chinese SAAB can not find.

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