Saab Community: The canceled IAA Show in Frankfurt

Failure is hard. If you fail in the last few meters before the finish, it is particularly hard. This is what happened this week with our alternative Saab IAA program. Many Saab friends and also the Saab Germany team invested a lot of time and commitment in this Frankfurt event until the last minute.

The Saab community could have seen the new Saab 9-4x and the new Saab 9-5 sports suit in Frankfurt. The program, which almost worked, was simple - but effective.

Saab Challenge Trollhättan - Frankfurt

Our plan was to fly to Gothenburg on Sunday and drive from there to Trollhättan. At the factory, Saab Country Manager Shoemaker, Marketing Chief Claesson, and a Saabsunited and representative had taken over the cars we had ready for us.

Two Saab 9-4x and two Saab 9-5 sports suits were waiting for us, which, according to the plan, would still have been stuck with advertising effect. The Saab community could have followed the journey of our Saab Challenge Trollhättan - Frankfurt live on the blogs.

Four new Saab, the least known in Europe, effective advertising on the way from Sweden, Denmark to Germany to the IAA. What a thing.

In Hamburg and in Göttingen, stops at the respective Saab centers were planned, as well as a meeting with the local press. On Monday the Convoy would have arrived in Frankfurt in the evening. Just in time for the IAA press days starting at the 13.09.

The alternative Saab IAA program

On the days of the fair, a Saab Convoy was planned twice daily through Frankfurt's city center, followed by a daily Saab BBQ from 16: 00 in Frankfurt Fechenheim.

A Saab 9-3 Cabriolet Independence Day Edition, a Saab 9-4x and a Saab 9-5 sports estate, to 12 new Saab 9-5 limousines would have driven daily through the Main Metropolis. Including our 9-5 Community Saab, piloted by a driver from the Saab community.

"Spyshot" Saab Cabriolet for the IAA Convoy 2011
"Spyshot" Saab Cabriolet for the IAA Convoy 2011

Framed with an exhibition of current, new Saabs and Saab classic legends, such as a Saab Sonett and a Saab 96. Daily live blogging, interviews, a photo competition and and and ...

The whole program with drivers from the Saab community and a lot of Saab prominence from abroad would have been a success. The Saab fans and the Saab employees would have had a lot of fun. No question.

The Frankfurt Saab event was put together in a short time, with little resources, but with a lot of passion and was ready for the start. The Saab clubs, the fans and the Saab blogs were all there. The team of Saab Germany with Saab Chef Schuhmacher and Henrik Claesson, who is responsible for the marketing. An online booking system for the daily Saab BBQ was written by a good friend, by the way he is Volvo Fan, programmed free of charge and was online in time.

Well, over. Out. Why I still tell the story has a reason. A small car brand is in need and an important appointment is canceled. What brand has such fans that even without much money and in a very short time a respectable event can be organized? Just. That's Saab. And that only exists with Saab.

Saab is not just a crisis. Saab has the famous "Saab Factor". This is us. The fans, the Saab drivers. Our commitment. Each of us is a brand ambassador and a communicator. Reducing Saab to financial problems as it is often done these days is not enough. A brand only lives if it has a strong fan base.

What works, we have proved that. Whoever invests in Saab in the future, will have our support. That's for sure and that's our message.

Thanks again to Tristan, who has sacrificed the nights for the booking system, at the Saab friends Erftkreis, The 1. German Saab Club and Dirk, who blogs in Berlin for the brand with the griffin. Not to forget the clubs abroad and RedJ from Saabsunited, who was our international "amplifier".

Even though our event was a victim of the circumstances, the cooperation was nice and proved that the community holds together. Thank you !


8 thoughts on "Saab Community: The canceled IAA Show in Frankfurt"

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    For 3 months, I'm trying to sell my 9-5 vintage 2002, not a single phone call. That's good. The news of recent days regarding Saab has led me to keep my vehicle out of respect for this brand, out of respect for my vehicle! Saab will live on, at least for me! :-))

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    Would have been a great event. Compliments to Saab D and the initiators. Too bad that the reconstruction request has conceded the show.

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    Dear friends, I have now read 5 this article, sad and frustrating. Just please, can someone say WHO had canceled this event?
    Saab in S, Saab in DE or the initiators? Please to enlightenment. Is there an intention or what was it?

    Thank you very much

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      It was canceled while the application ran for reorganization.
      The reason was that you couldn't spend extra expenses now ...

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    I can only agree with previous speakers: That would have really become a nice number. Too bad that it was not enough in the last few meters.
    Nevertheless, thanks to all who contributed! And of course to you, Tom, for the organization and the communication to us. I think that's exactly what Saab has always saved and will get out of the crisis this time.

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    A shame. I was really looking forward to the ride! And now I only know what I missed ... 🙁

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    great ideas, born of the fans of saab, not of saab.
    As a customer of the saab, you obviously do not enjoy any special attention:
    So far we have always received letters from the manufacturers after buying new vehicles in which we were thanked.
    Saab doesn't need this - two new cars and radio-silent. a simple letter with a thank you and a welcome would have been enough. this is saab germany!
    before 5 weeks I have asked a technical request to saab Germany. answer to the question? miss until today!
    so that will never become something in germany and you can not live forever the good reputation of the classics.
    If someone decides already in times of crisis for two cars from Saab, you can certainly expect a little more than nothing!

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    That would have been a nice program. Maybe ideas can be derived for later. A compliment to all involved. It is really a pity that now nothing comes of it.

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