Saab crisis: the government in Sweden is doing something for Saab ...

Finally, you could say. In Sweden it is a second before 12. And with the suppliers, the job cuts are progressing, and a number of international suppliers will shut down the entire plants in Sweden during a Saab bankruptcy. Perhaps now the government in Stockholm has realized that it is now in a downturn, not as relaxed as thought.

On the one hand, more than the planned 10.000 jobs will be lost, on the other hand the country is heading into recession. The disposal of Saab, a few weeks ago no problem at all, is now an issue. Because the domestic political pressure is also increasing. The Swedish ambassador in Beijing therefore has an appointment with the NDRC on Tuesday. Its mission is to encourage the agency to make a very quick decision.

Because the entry of Lotus Youngman and Pang Da will only work if now traded fast.

Well, good luck, Mr. Ambassador.


4 thoughts on "Saab crisis: the government in Sweden is doing something for Saab ..."

  • This driving of the three major German premium brands has now become a real epidemic among governments, business people and celebrities. Like all lemmings, they are great for guessing which shoe size they have reached within the model hierarchy. Size 1 to 7 or 8. German cars are now like different shoe sizes, the same design only just bigger or smaller. Fortunately, the different sizes still cost the same for shoes, but not for cars.

    As a person with style you don't drink wine out of tetrapaks, but with cars they all do it ...

  • Always remember that Mr. Reinfeldt (Swedish MP) uses BMW as his company vehicle ...

    This probably shows no interest in the domestic automotive industry - but maybe he thinks too
    in the meantime a little further and finally sees the many thousands of jobs (fabrication, suppliers, dealers, so-called small business people of the region and many more), which are lost on a trip.

    Better late than never!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

  • For me, it is completely incomprehensible how the Swedish government acts.
    conducting the talks now in China is no sign of professional action, as the negotiation position is far less favorable now than it was months ago.
    Of course, even this action is better than anything else of the last time, but this is not understandable for me.
    somehow the swedish government has behaved for months as if it had nothing to do with it ...

  • Better late than never ... or it's just about being able to say afterwards
    “We tried everything…”?

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