Saab comment: Black is not always black

Does today decide the fate of Saab and is it the end of the car in Trollhättan? It almost seems like that, because today, after the good news about a financing agreement reached, the bankruptcy petition of the union union came. Did the unions lose their nerve, or what happened?

If we look at the situation from a different perspective, we can draw surprising conclusions from today's disaster.

The wind has turned

A few months ago, Antonov press spokesman Carlström accused the Swedish government of wanting to dispose of Saab. Well, the loudness of Carlström has not always been helpful to Saab and my case is not, but Carlström may have been right in his assertion. Because Minister of State Reinfeldt wanted to make the Swedes a nation of investment bankers or the like. Solid, hard work was too uncool for him. Sweden should become a land of the intelligent. The real raw material of Sweden is just in the minds of the people.

Thankfully, all of a sudden and unexpectedly, our Nordic friends were also plagued by a flare-up in the global economy like other nations. Oh, Mr. Reinfeldt, that politicians are always so short-sighted people.

The proud carmaker in Gothenburg, a brand that we have a lot of sympathy for, has so far been seen as a prime example. 1000 engineers were desperately looking for and the staff from Trollhättan could ...

Can not. Because just as in the US a lot of Saab are unsalable on heap, so is Volvo. Consequence? Volvo puts 250 employees in Gothenburg on the road and pulls the emergency brake.

Even the fairy tale that a Saab bankruptcy would have no impact of any kind on the Swedish economy no longer works. The suppliers don't do what the Reinfeldt - Oloffson Connection imagined. You want to close the whole plant. A sales loss of 20-30% makes Swedish plants unprofitable. Manufacturing only for Volvo is not worthwhile.

The cuckoo's egg of the unions

Today's bankruptcy petition was understandable because the unions had to act this week. You are committed to your members. After it became known that the announced millions only in 14 days are available, the position had become untenable.

The only question was which union would rush ahead and whether it would happen today or tomorrow. Anyone who thinks that the unions have put a cuckoo's egg in their nest, which in reality breeds unemployment, is wrong.

The unions, in their own - perhaps desperate, way - gave us a gift. It was time for someone to come and file for bankruptcy. The suffering, the crisis, the insecurity. Everything has to come to an end, the application is the emergency brake.

The pressure on Beijing

Because, the request generates pressure. And unfortunately, it's the only way print can be made. In China, more precisely in Beijing, there are bureaucrats who need this pressure. They should see that it is burning in Västragötland and that a well-groomed communist bureaucracy, for once, has to move quickly.

Anyway, faster than the friends in Beijing think. Because now the clock is ticking. If the reconstruction is rejected again, Victor Muller will move on to the highest court in Sweden. That may just bring something. Because in three weeks the bankruptcy application is through.

With consequences for the friends from China. They lose the fat booty from Sweden, the only European brand to have. Because in the bankruptcy estate, the Chinese have no chance. European manufacturers will buy Saab. And if only because the Chinese do not get the mark.

The clock is ticking. Especially in Beijing. It's time to move, gentlemen. In this sense. My thanks to the union union and a good night.


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    Dear SAAB friends,
    hello Detlef and Marcus,

    Thank you for your interesting comments.
    Discussing is fun - despite the seriousness of the situation.
    Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Best regards,

    Peter Witzel.

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    Hi Peter,

    my remarks on stored audi-technology concerned seat and no other make, especially since I consider the comparison with lamborghini and bentley to be inadequate. both are microbial manufacturers, and both must be significantly different from other products in the group, otherwise the prices can not be realized.
    porsche is still too new in the group and had a very good standing before, so vw will be careful not to damage this jewel, especially as the porsche / piech story plays an important role here.
    Skoda is a special case in that this brand no longer existed anywhere in Europe with its horrific cars. what comes off the assembly line there today are definitely good cars - but what is skoda about it and where is its spirit? they are everyday objects and nothing more and you get something adequate for your money. that's ok too, but each of these cars could have a vw logo and nobody would really notice it.
    It is nothing else than using existing technologies in different brands.
    that works - it would be fatal for saab.
    Although saab has a great fanbase, but unfortunately even the fans keep their car too long. So new customers have to be tapped.
    a saab with the technology of a passat etc. doesn't make much sense - audi already exists for that and i start to yawn at the name ...
    no, vw would be the wrong one and also bmw would be the wrong one, because mini is not to be repeated. They made the coup with min there perfect, but also rover could have run perfectly if one had invested. therefore, I refuse bmw to have a second brand with a similar profile as saab succeed.
    you have enough money there and that is certainly the reason why you are not interested in saab - the brands of the vw group, at least the core brands, are as exciting as a liter of milk, but successful, which is a lot about us says ...

    there is more to saab: the expansion of the fan community, the uniqueness and the development of innovative ideas, which evidently goes quite well.

    that's why i think victor muller is the right man at the right time - although i'm three years younger than you, i have already owned seven saab and am also an independent entrepreneur.

    there are different ways and ways of doing things to become successful - vm will do it in his own way, I'm sure.

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    Hello Peter Witzel,

    As you know, the SAAB management has been very strong in the direction of Youngman-Lotus and Pang Da (preliminary contracts have been signed and the approval process in China is already underway).

    The entry into SAAB by another European or Indian company is likely to remain a dream that could only become reality in extreme cases (bankruptcy) - but this scenario is unlikely to occur in view of the renewed and better-founded approach to court, which means the reconstruction will probably still be possible. Even in the event of further refusals by the courts, the SAAB-Youngman-Pang Da project will, in my opinion, still come about (the Chinese will then submit further bridging aids if necessary).

    One can only hope that all formalities will be completed smoothly in the time window mentioned (final approval in China around November 08.11.2011th, 26.09.2011 and previous bridging loan by around September XNUMXth, XNUMX). It is also to be hoped that Youngman-Lotus will have a “lucky hand” with the valuable purchase in the next few years.

    Best regards from Schleswig-Holstein

    Detlef Rudolf

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    Dear people,

    As a current renegade, but “wanting to return” (if production finally started again) SAAB fan, I am amazed at some of the comments.

    1. Whether Victor Muller really does such a bad job, as some claim or suggest here, will be found out much later. In such a situation as this, you can not communicate everything internally to the outside world. Here I also agree with the assessment of the trunk (2 paragraph).

    2. Everyone makes mistakes, you, you and me. Nobody is flawless. We too make mistakes that are not pointed out to us, that other people laugh at or “break their mouths” at. So just a little more restraint please. If we have criticism, please contact the person concerned directly and then the topic is through!

    3. A German, long-established car manufacturer should take over SAAB? What then happens to the identity of SAAB. What about his technology? Let's take a look at the modular system of a F Piech ... .. Do we want to see SAAB? Another soulless automaker who only serves the egocentricity (sorry) of one individual?

    4. SAAB is, in my view, a high-technology group with an invaluable competence. What SAAB needs is therefore a financier or a production company such as Youngman, Tata, or even a Russian manufacturer, who needs a technological leadership. Then the identity of SAAB should be secured. Again, match the key comment 3. Paragraph and with Marcus 2. Paragraph.

    5. I share the assessment of the unspeakable comments from the press and other “experts” who can foresee the future so excellently, although here too I ask for moderation in the choice of words!

    6. Basically, we should remember that an economic market is built on psychology. You can talk a brand to death very quickly, you can talk about crises (financial markets are very sensitive there) and you can create a counterweight - as is, for example, in large parts of this blog. Tom, go ahead! We need these positive voices and moods to show the Swedish judges, for example, that we stick to SAAB and that our reputation does NOT suffer !!
    Kind regards

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      Dear SAAB friends,

      I am pleased with the lively response to my comments.
      That not everyone shares my opinion is fine.
      Nevertheless, I would like to add a few things:

      1) To H. Piech and VW:
      I certainly did not think about SEAT.
      There are also brands such as BENTLEY, LAMBORGHINI and PORSCHE in the VOLKSWAGEN network.
      Since you can not talk but please discarded AUDI technology.

      2) To BMW:
      What once drove the boards of directors to take over ROVER at BMW is difficult to trace.
      understand clearly.
      Anyone who once saw the marauding buildings of ROVER was surprised that there was one
      complete car could be built.
      The engine contract between SAAB and BMW is but now times.
      And the MINI is not built in Germany and is a successful cult car.
      So BMW has learned from the ROVER bankruptcy.

      3) BMW, VOLKSWAGEN and TATA have at least the seriousness and the financial strength to SAAB
      new and well set up.
      We are not talking about 50 or 100 millions of Euros here.
      Since at least 750 million to 1 billion euros are required to finally the
      to develop, build and sell worldwide models and quantities
      Please do not forget that the SAAB dealers are already out of the current circus
      for purely economic reasons can not and will not look at for a long time.

      You have to recognize the realities, but still be confident.

      Best regards,

      Peter Witzel.

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    I am not a proven friend of VM either, he certainly needs more competent support in a few areas.

    On the other hand, you have to see fairly that this man has a high level of risk tolerance and commitment. It was he who first wrested SAAB from GM; what kind of relations: Spyker vs. GM!

    SAAB was and is unconventional and that is an important part of the brand. This requires a lot of freedom. Whether VW or BMW allow these freedoms? Questionable. There is a delusion of standardization. I remember with horror GM's attempts to sell SAAB through the Opel network, or even keep it waiting.

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    this day won't decide anything either tom - any more than the days before.

    Otherwise, protect Saab from the German companies that have so far completely taken away their independence from each of their satellites - and thus their right to exist.
    seat + co. After all, there are only assembly plants in countries with lower wages and may now recycle the stored technology from audi.
    bmw has no relation to such things even what they have impressively demonstrated with the destruction of rover.
    otherwise, I think the assumptions are not correct with an exception:

    mr tata would be a blessing for saab - but obviously he's not interested.

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    Dear SAAB friends,

    allow me as an independent commercial vehicle dealer of 57 years and since 1983 meanwhile with the 5. SAAB makes happy to announce word:
    1) Thank God someone has finally filed for bankruptcy.
    Only then can this Dutch Hasadeur be swept away.
    Even if I make myself unpopular here:
    Even more dubious than a Victor Muller you can hardly run a business.
    With his salami tactics he has lost all credit to all reasonable partners.
    SAAB in dire straits and the “Kapitan” has been submerged for weeks.
    Other example:
    He had invited his German SAAB dealer to the Geneva Motor Show.
    These traveled affectionately on their own account and what happened:
    Do not watch Victor Muller!
    Instead, a videoconference from his finca in Majorca with his wife in a bikini
    That has rightly overflowed the barrel of many traders.
    2) In my opinion, neither a Russian nor a Chinese can provide a good solution for the long-term
    to be the lasting receipt of our wonderful brand.
    Both are not necessarily preceded by the call for sincerity and reliability!
    As it happens with the Chinese, now VOLVO car shows:
    Hardly two years in their hands is now the second plant built in China.
    It's all about getting the technical know-how on a cheap tour.
    And then in the medium term in Sweden good night!
    3) There would be a Mr. TATA from India a hundred times better.
    How loving and generous he has been with JAGUAR and LAND ROVER over the past two years.
    gen is deserves the highest respect.
    And his success speaks volumes.
    4) And why not BMW or Mr. Piech as new owners?
    BMW should anyway deliver the engines in the future according to the contract.
    And Mr. Piech already has SCANIA.
    Before 1990, SAAB and SCANIA were a very healthy group - and the engines for SAAB
    were built in Södertälje at SCANIA!
    SAAB must necessarily preserve its Swedish or at least European character.
    This has not been the case with the Yankees, nor is it with Mr. Antonov or Youngman.
    5) Let's wait in peace - and it must finally come back - the next one
    Weeks off.
    If there are interested people from Europe, they have tactical reasons
    So far her feet were kept still.
    Firstly to get rid of V. Muller, and secondly to keep the “prey price” low.

    At least I do not see it as negative.
    Much worse is the absolutely terrible smart ass of many press lubricants like
    “Auto Zeitung” and “Auto Motor und Sport”, as well as the clever super expert Dudenhöffer.
    These idiots should be sold to China right away - I would still co-finance the ticket-
    So we go hopefully.
    I greet you warmly.
    Your Peter Witzel.

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      Dear Peter Witzel,

      I like to read your detailed comment. In most passages he hits the bullseye!

      However, I am a little unsure about the takeover by a German company - BMW z. B. had been shipwrecked with a Rover years ago. Here you have probably become a little more cautious - although SAAB cannot be equated with Rover. SAAB has a much more sophisticated product range and is much better positioned internationally than Rover back then.

      Since I am also 57 years old - like you - and prefer SAAB vehicles of a similar length, I would, like you, actually welcome a takeover by a German or other European group. It is really a good quality “made in Trollhättan”. With these vehicles, as a capable corporate driver, one could definitely not only address the old fans in the future, but in the longer term also new prospects worldwide.

      Let's see if the one or other group leaders still wakes up.

      Best regards from Schleswig-Holstein

      Detlef Rudolf

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    Well then let's hope that the Chinese move quickly and then run again in Trollhättan SAAB from the conveyor belt.

    SAAB NEVER THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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