Saab Crisis: Union union files for bankruptcy

Update: 14: 17 / 14: 37

Are there days where it just enough? Yes, they exist. The union union makes an application for bankruptcy of the car maker. The situation, according to Union spokesman Andreas Olsson, has become untenable and the limits of the reasonable have been exceeded.

Not everything is lost yet. Let us remain confident. Because Gunilla Gustavs from the Saab press office said that the reconstruction application will be followed up and that an appeal will be filed today. If the court agrees and the situation is better today than on Friday - because there is a € 70 million contract with Youngman, the bankruptcy filing will be canceled.

But, as the saying goes, “In court and on the high seas you are in God's hands”.

The bankruptcy filing was filed for Saab Automobile AB, Saab Powertrain AB and Saab Tools AB. The union said that despite the bankruptcy petition, Saab could receive money and pay wages. Wondering on which planet the men and women of the Union trade union live. It became known that the decision was taken by the union headquarters in Stockholm. Against the desire of the base in Trollhättan, which has appealed in large part to the union leaders continue to wait.

The court in Vänersborg now decides within 3-5 weeks on the application, which can still be withdrawn at this time. Only when the court agrees, only then does the state wage guarantee.

The question is whether Youngman has not built in an “exit” for this case in a caring way, before € 70 million is now paid. At least one of the questions that are currently unanswered.

Guys, it's a drama I do not want to comment on. To what extent does the reconstruction proposal and the objection of Saab now make sense, I can judge as non-lawyer and non-Swede in any way. Updates follow.


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  • Saab has been spending months on wages for which nothing has been worked.
    This breaks the neck of the strongest.

  • If one summarizes the whole processes and the many prevented chances of the last months, one can only say (after Asterix): the spiders, the Swedes. A really serious effort to secure the industrial site can not be recognized.

  • Well, the unions will have their reasons for this step, is it also in the interests of their members at Saab? Difficult to understand …………… VANSINNIG? MYOPISK? målet Höjder?

    It does not improve the situation, let's see how it goes on.



    • Well, the trade unions certainly have their reasons, no question whatsoever and these are probably even in the Swedish laws.
      you can argue anything, it's like politics. they also have their reasons for everything - and we can then pay for it!

  • a petition for bankruptcy damages the city after all and worsens all negotiating positions of saab in equal measure.
    the edge of the plate has to be extremely narrow with the short-sighted unions - you have done your members a great service!

    • Hello Marcus!

      In some German media was communicated wrongly weeks ago that SAAB would have gone bankrupt (otherwise these people were hardly interested in the brand) and so the matter was done for these strange journalists.

      However, even after the application that has now been submitted, SAAB has not yet "gone bankrupt" - it is only an official application until proven otherwise (wage payments or success with the application for reconstruction).

      My view of things is that the renewed attempt with regard to reconstruction in court should not be made - immediate wages and salaries would be safer and more elegant and the whole thing would be "out of the world" again!

      Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

      PS: Your opinion that this union does not have much on it, I fully support!

      • hello joachim,

        I do not see the problem so much in the press, but I'm worried that, among other things, the Chinese authorities might be irritated by it and break down the whole thing.
        on Su you can then read of affected workers, the step of the unions for good, even under the background, that you would have been home for months.
        Nobody mentions that these months were fully paid.
        exactly this thinking makes me angry. Saab would have been able to lay off many workers a long time ago and has not done it - now it's 2 1/2 weeks and you are actively pursuing the downfall of your employer and risking thousands of jobs, only to have the state money safe for a few months.
        I'm sorry, this logic does not open up to me and just in view of the current posotiven news succeed me even less.

        we can't change it - say hello to my favorite city and greetings from the other end of germany!


  • As far as I know, the application could also be made by a trade union as a precautionary measure (which now also happened out of impatience) and this could then be reversed by the union, even after the employer has paid wages / salaries.

    The money from Youngman Lotus, with which the mentioned payments could be made, may now under no circumstances be delayed. Fast payout is required.


  • you have to keep that in mind: the salaries are about 2 1 / 2 weeks overdue and this causes unions and individual members. to file an insolvency order via the employer!
    Incredible and foolish - regardless of the otherwise good news of the day.
    Anyone who exercises so little understanding for his employer in problems must then also bear the consequences. evidently unemployment in sweden is not as unpleasant as it is here.

    • I don't understand either. In Sweden there is 50 - 60% of the last salary that can not be great to go into unemployment.

  • Slowly you turn away from the faith! Now the Swedish government wants to help since Sunday?! Now you realize too late, what the job loss of almost 10000 people + withdrawal of companies means. Of course, 70 millions of euros are not enough in this situation. Phoenix also sold. What is left ?!

    Sad sad !

  • Aha. Thanks Tom for the update

  • The union thinks that it takes 3-5 weeks to file for bankruptcy and that wages can still be paid during this time. Do I understand it to mean that desire is then obsolete?



  • This is extremely shortsighted and irresponsible. Jobs Bye! Technology is given away to China. Anyone who has such unions no longer needs enemies.

    • What about the reconstruction request now? Do you give it to yourself or how? Is it the end or is there a chance?

      Please reply !

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