Saab News: Victor Muller in Frankfurt / Main

Victor Muller visits Frankfurt today, where the IAA starts tomorrow. Unfortunately, Saab is not represented there, but Muller will meet the representatives of CLEPA there. CLEPA is the union of European suppliers, which has already signaled in advance that a bankruptcy of Saab is not desirable.

Lars Holmquist, the president of the supplier organization, expects some answers from Muller. Among other things, it is about the payment of the claims and, as he said, "reviving Saab". “Bankruptcy doesn't help,” he said, and the only people who benefit are the employees.

CLEPA announced last week that they are ready to help Saab. After all, European jobs in car manufacturing count more for the association than new jobs in China.


One thought on "Saab News: Victor Muller in Frankfurt / Main"

  • Hi all!

    I did not understand Lars Holmquist's last half-sentence ("... the only people who benefit from it (bankruptcy) are the employees.") - it couldn't really have been said that way. Because the employees in particular might have achieved exactly the opposite with their behavior, if they had not received salaries in good time
    get paid. The employer would probably be smashed in bankruptcy trap and the unemployment rate go up significantly!

    The current behavior of the union can really only be described as stupid! How can you deal with an employer if there is still no salary (only missing for August) on the accounts of the members - today is September 12.09.2011th, XNUMX!

    A little more patience in such a situation would really be appropriate - completely excessive fuss!


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