Saab Location: IF Metal is waiting, Saab appeals

New week, same location. In Trollhättan, the situation for Saab has at least brightened a little. IF Metal, one of the three unions involved in the drama, will wait with the bankruptcy petition. Stefan Löfven, chairman of IF Metal, expects a speedy examination of the Saab appeal by the court.

Hakan Scött, IF Metal representative at the factory, hopes the district court will thoroughly review and evaluate the statements of Lotus Youngman and Pang Da. At the weekend it had become known that Youngman has already taken the first hurdle, the test by the local NDRC. For Wednesday, the positive decision of the provincial authority is expected.

In Sweden, it is believed that the court's ruling should be before Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.

Is there more to it? No. Because a lot, if not everything depends on the court in Vänersborg. Let's stay calm and wait. Tomorrow we know more.


2 thoughts on "Saab Location: IF Metal is waiting, Saab appeals"

  • Yes, currently + 176% can probably be described as a high-altitude flight. Would be interesting to get the PM explained in easy to understand words.


  • bingo!
    the new agreement for € 70 million is probably the rabbit that vm had in his hat….
    the share price is currently making a high altitude flight!

    finally news in the right direction again!

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