Saab CEO Victor Muller speaks to suppliers in Frankfurt

Victor Muller, who celebrates his birthday today, visited suppliers yesterday in Frankfurt and presented his plans for Saab. First and foremost, it was about future production goals and the payment of suppliers.

The plan is to bridge the period until the new owners Pang Da and Youngman from China enter China in November with the committed 70 million €. During this time, talks are held with the suppliers and the restart of production is prepared. All suppliers should, according to Victor Muller, receive their money completely. This will happen bit by bit and Saab will continue to reduce its liabilities.

The suppliers seem to agree, with some participants describing Muller as “more open than ever”.

The Saab CEO 80-85.000 views sold units as a profitable target each year. A goal that is realistic with the market in China. Maybe even a bit too low.

Many of the participants see the plan of Victor Muller as feasible. The sticking point, that should not be kept secret, is the new production. Most suppliers have laid off staff, others close the plants in Sweden.

This will be a tough job for Victor Muller.


One thought on "Saab CEO Victor Muller speaks to suppliers in Frankfurt"

  • so keep fumbling until Christmas
    without production!
    to accumulate further millions of euros in debt without production!
    who will pay for it?
    the Chinese ?
    I do not understand that at all
    they have to be stupid
    to invest so much money and nothing to get out of it
    they should buy the shop and restructure!
    this reindeer takes no end!
    Who knows when muller will again produce spring 2012
    until then, 12000 orders will be canceled
    because people are tired of this scrap!
    greetings from carlsons

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