Saab News: Ambassador meets NDRC - new Saab technologies

Saab really isn't like other companies. If other companies are in difficulties, innovations are least likely to be expected. If you read yesterday's Saab press release, you will be listening. We are talking about the modular platform, meaning the PhöeniX Concept, and a “range extender” technology.

GM has such a technology that is actually “Made in Germany”. The development team was brought from Rüsselsheim to Detroit during the GM crisis and has since moved towards Munich. It is understandable, I would also prefer Bavaria to Detroit in every respect.

That Saab has such a technology and has applied for a patent is new. The combination of electric motor with a small burner reduces consumption by up to 75%. Perhaps conceivable as a green environmental mobile with E-XWD in a Saab 9-3 sports trolley or in the new small Saab 9-1.

The Swedish ambassador, who meets the NDRC in Beijing today in his Saab mission, should have good cards when he plays Saab's technologies as a trump card. Because the Chinese would be completely crazy, they would miss this.

Saab is also surprising in the crisis. A fully electric E-Power Saab is ready for series production. No rickety, spartan waiver, but a car for 5 passengers and luggage. An electric all-wheel drive and now a Saab in which a “range extender” could be used.

Actually the court in Gothenburg cannot say “No” to the reconstruction. And the bureaucrats in Beijing should go into high gear as quickly as possible. Because it's worth it.


4 thoughts on "Saab News: Ambassador meets NDRC - new Saab technologies"

  • Well, I'm not happy that Saab is now helping the Chinese to catch up. This sell-off in the crisis does not make Saab likeable to me ...

  • so what? what has saab of the greatest development, should not there be more saab? nothing.
    So you better sell licenses, as long as they still have a value and do not limit the future development.
    this is exactly what happened here and - very cleverly - not even with an exclusivity, so that further licenses can be sold.
    the license for used underpants is probably only of extremely limited value ...

  • If this continues, the used underpants of the workforce will be sold

  • The E-Power is just an 4-Seater.
    The battery sits in the rear center console, if I remember rightly.

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