Saab News China: PDRC gives approval

At Saab I'm currently not sure if you can look forward to good news. As soon as there is a good message, the next stroke of the neck follows shortly thereafter. Ouch. Today, Saab has taken the next hurdle to Youngman's entry. Was there last week the OK at the local level, so today was the OK at the provincial level.

This is two out of three hurdles. That's good. The last hurdle is the NDRC in Beijing, which has to give the final OK. Today, the Swedish ambassador was there to point out the urgency of the situation. So far nothing has leaked to us about the meeting, another good news would do us good.

Especially since I'm tired of this ongoing crisis scenario and all the writing on the original goal of the blog goes far. Sometimes one wonders why. Anyway, I promised to stick with it until the factory gates close.

Firstly, I hope and believe that this will not be the case and, second, promised. So on you go.


9 thoughts on "Saab News China: PDRC gives approval"

  • Yeah Tom keep going, we all hope that all traffic lights will turn green and that Saab will take off with the well-known models, and that's not all. I also want to continue and maintain my Saabs with pleasure and pride, eventually get a black 9-5. Best regards and compliments for
    the commitment, ambition and effort

  • I check your blog on a daily base - go on, thx. Btw after 900, 9-3 aero 02 I am very, very happy with my new 9-5 …… ..

  • @ Tom

    please keep writing. A really good source. Also I want to pick up my 9-5 Aero this year and hope for a happy ending


  • Dear Tom,

    Also for Saab dealer you are a great support.

    Please, please stick it out.

    Respectful greetings

  • Happy Bday Daddy :-)))

    Love u!

  • Keep strong - man :-)
    I want to be able to pick up my new 9-5 Vector soon - I'm probably not the only one. So closing the factory gates is out of the question !!!!!
    Stay tuned Tom - you keep bringing good news from the far north

    It greetings

  • @@ Tom

    ”… Anyway, I promised to stick with it until the factory gates close. … ”

    That is / was quite reckless of you!
    This can (hopefully) go far, far beyond the pension! 😉 😉

  • Please continue, Tom. You do that very well!
    Maybe you have made it soon and can fully dedicate yourself to the positive development of SAAB. Press the thumb.



    • I've been a Saab driver since the “17th century” out of conviction.
      I would also drive BMW or Opel but they were not built by Saab.
      Carry on Tom, please!

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