Guarantee goodwill spare parts - what Saab drivers should know

Much has been written in recent days about the Saab crisis, raising significant uncertainty. Often, facts were totally twisted, or simply communicated wrongly. What the carmaker's crisis really means to us and whether we can still buy a Saab, we have summarized for the Saab community.

Spare parts supply

Spare parts for older and new Saab models are supplied by Saab Parts AB. Saab Parts is an independent and profitable subsidiary of Saab Automobile and is not affected by the bankruptcy filings. The supply situation for older models is good, which I tried involuntarily myself. With the current Saab - especially the new Saab 9-5 - the supply is sometimes associated with waiting times.

We know from Saab that the availability of spare parts at the new Saabs will improve in the future.

Guarantee and goodwill

All warranty and goodwill services will be billed to Saab Parts AB. Dealers will also receive the funds from Saab and will not be affected by the problems of Saab Automobile AB. Saab Parts AB will continue to secure the supply of 1 Million Saabs on the roads of the world in the future.

Saab Parts AB is pledged to the Swedish state as security for EIB development loans and thus protected from access by creditors. Should the worst case occur in Trollhättan, which we all do not hope for and believe, Saab Parts AB will not be affected in your ability to act.

The future of Saab Parts AB is secure in the long term. Already potential prospects have knocked on Saab to secure the profitable spare parts business.

Buy used Saab or annual car

Can you buy a Saab in the current situation? Do not listen to Stammtisch words from self-proclaimed experts. The market for used Saab has narrowed in recent months due to stagnant supplies from Sweden and low sales figures in recent years.

The number of Saab fans has not decreased, on the contrary. Many former Saab drivers and sympathizers take the chance to buy a used Saab now.

This leads to the crazy situation that relatively new Saab with a few kilometers, suitable equipment and in good condition are wanted. Especially Saab 9-5 of the first series are difficult to get, the 9-5 “chrome glasses” as a station wagon at a good price is wanted.

A completely different situation has occurred with the new Saab 9-5, which is relatively difficult to sell to traders due to the turbulence in Sweden.

The Saab 9-5 did not deserve this, I was able to drive a new Saab 9-5 XWD sedan a few kilometers last week by coincidence and was thrilled. The workmanship is first class and the active suspension is a dream. A short driving report with pictures follows, if I find the time to do so.

The prices for the storage wagons are good and completely compensate for the expected loss in value. The supply of spare parts is safe for at least 10 years, the technology in the 9-5 is not exotic, because - what a crazy situation - many components from the GM kit are installed ... ..phew ... didn't think I would say that mal

For me, the Saab 9-5 is an insider tip that looks outrageously good and is a very confident and individual car. At the moment, the relationship between price and performance can not be surpassed.

Who dreams of his Saab dream of a new 9-5 should stand by and buy. No matter what the smart neighbor says.

Granted, it takes a little bit of courage. The dealer network is thin and could get even thinner. Although Saab will master the crisis, the construction work will be tough.

But, whoever has a special taste and does not want to drive around the world with mainstream products, is used to swimming against the tide.


13 thoughts on "Guarantee goodwill spare parts - what Saab drivers should know"

  • Hello Tom
    I have a little problem with the information
    A few days ago the engine of my 9.5 station wagon (Bj 2000) blew up, the engine was a new build, 2 years 2 months with 39000 km, 2,3t with deer (280Hp), without warning piston through the block ...
    My workshop tells me that SAAB has requested the bill, but there is little chance of knocking it out, because this is not about the parts-AG.
    In addition, there is no more engine block available ...
    End of the song is now announced auto graveyard.
    What do you think about that?
    Nevertheless, I remain faithful and I've now found a 9-3 Turbo-x
    Greetings from Luxembourg

  • Hi all,

    I can agree with all statements. I think Saab will continue in whatever form. We will also keep our Saab 93 1 family and our convertible 900 2 until nothing works. I think the guys from Sweden are planning to bring the Kult I k (an) one 900 back on the road. The trends are clearly towards hatchback. The new Volvo looks very good from the rear, in contrast to the front, the A5 is also a great car, but with too little space. A new Saab would certainly combine everything again! Unfortunately, there have been no new design proposals and drawings for the new 93/900 for a long time. Of course, everyone is concerned with the current crisis. Although it has been said that the Phoenix Front would be close to the series, I am very interested in what this new icon would look like despite the super crisis. Where are the draftsmen who let us look into the future? When does Muller pull the bunny out of his hat? A look into a bright future would be a change, wouldn't it? According to an African proverb: "Always look towards the sun, so the shadow always stays behind you" 🙂 Maybe someone knows a current sketch? Thank you!

  • After a long lap in my 08 series convertible - and this message that spare parts shouldn't be a problem in the “worst case” - it is clear that I will keep my yellow sweetheart!
    : )

  • Hello Marcus,

    the new 9-5 looks good too, no question about it, just very different from the classic. I would like a coexistence, so the old shape cared for and reinterpreted like at Porsche with the 911, and next to it new shapes. The “old” shape would fit well in the middle class, i.e. the 9-3. Especially in this class, everyone is currently waging the same “war of folds and beads”, so that a clear form would speak for itself. Audi, of all people, has taken up the Saab Combi-Coupé with the new A5 and A7 Sportbacks, where Saab was only able to offer notchbacks or station wagons with the 9-3. Because I miss this shape and the 9-3 Series II looks too arbitrary to me, I consciously bought the old 9-3, twice as a coupé and sedan. We also have a 9-5 Series I and a new addition, a 9-5 Series I station wagon. Fortunately, there are exchange plates in Ö ...

    I'm also missing a few inches at 1,90 meters, but I'm a seating giant and can only find space in a few cars. At BMW, I always feel walled in, and I almost panic when my legs are stuck in a bucket in the footwell, as in a foot bath. At Mercedes and Audi there is always a lack of headroom ...

  • hello philmos,

    The 900 from the GM era is a further optical development of the 900 - everyone has to judge for themselves whether it is successful.
    the predecessor of the 9-5 is certainly a good car - but the shape is not really a milestone, but of course that is also a matter of taste.
    The current 9-5 is by design more than a big throw for me and a wonderful homage to the past saab in the new dress.
    the designer at the time was a real artist for me - whether it is the current one remains to be seen.
    Incidentally, the space is really no problem, downright generous - only when you get in you really have to duck your head ...
    However, I have to admit that nobody in our family is big on 1,90.

  • Hello Flor,
    if I am meant by the used 9-5 Series I, then I sing praises of the small diesel 2.2 TiD switch as a small consumption miracle as well as the smaller gasoline engines, which can become bogus. Here caution is advised with the B205 motors, there was once a warranty extension to 8 years. Purists may say “an Opel engine” for the small diesel, but for me it is the most durable (timing chain!) And most unproblematic engine in the 9-5 and 9-3 (both Series I). The performance is always sufficient for Austria, in Germany I am not one of the insane 180 + x km / h racers. If I want to turn it up for a moment, the small diesel is enough, in sedan and station wagon in the 9-5. They also drive 200 km / h.

    The new 9-5er seems too cramped in terms of headroom, especially in the back. I find the old ones much better, also from the shape. I also like the old 9-3, I prefer the classic Saab shape.

    I don't understand why Saab didn't carefully develop and maintain the 911 or 99 shape like Porsche did with the 900. Only a few manufacturers have such a shape icon ...

  • I'm not sure for which 9-5 you sing the praises and ask for clarification, so I can look around in Vienna.

  • I have already noticed that with the 9-5 Series Series I, they are running out. There are only uninteresting engines at low prices on the used car market such as the 3.0 V6 TiD and the abundance or Aero, so too uneconomical for me as a frequent driver in Austria. One looks in vain for the small diesel or gasoline engine. If you already have them, then you have a real investment ...

  • Hello everybody! I made an appointment with my dealer yesterday and will look at the few new 9-5s that he has in stock. Crisis or not - I'll probably grab it! Saab4Life!

  • I bought a 2-9 XWD5 in Germany 6 weeks ago and imported it to Switzerland. I am absolutely thrilled with this latest addition to our small Saab family and I am convinced that I am driving the best car in terms of value for money. Now there is a small upgrade at Hirsch today and then the car will be perfect 😉

  • Hi Tom,
    do you already know something about the current status of the dealer network? Have you already had major emigration here? Mine has already announced the end of his era as a dealer ...

  • Correct. In the not too distant future, the new 9.5 (really a dream, I drove it extensively at the Saab XWDays in Mayrhofen and reported about it at SU) should achieve a similar exotic status as the NSU RO80 - with corresponding prices.

    Just a pity that my wife does not want a big car

  • very right tom!
    and what else, but hopefully never will happen:

    if there is no longer the new saab 9-5, because there is no longer saab, the prices will attract, I'm sure. There is nowhere else a new, outstanding car with absolute rarity status.
    therefore I am not afraid for me and my 9-5.

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