Saab News Sweden: Bankruptcy petition against Saab again

Another bankruptcy petition against Saab Automobile AB has been filed today in Vänersborg. It is about a sum of slightly more than 1.8 million Swedish kroner and the applicant wants to remain unknown. This is a note on the side, because in principle this application does not change the current situation.

There is still no decision to be made in Gothenburg on the reconstruction and there are currently no news from China. Reader Julie wanted to hear about the visit of the Swedish Ambassador to the NDRC in Beijing, but there is nothing to report. Even before the visit, the Foreign Office in Stockholm announced that they would not publicly take a position.

So far, this has also been done so, so we wait for further. The course is set and it is up to Youngman and Pang Da.

Let's stay relaxed. It's me too, and I'm going to eat delicious food now.


2 thoughts on "Saab News Sweden: Bankruptcy petition against Saab again"

  • As we have heard, the time-honored company Volvo would be interested in the spare parts division of SAAB, if there u. U. the sails are painted.

    Is here a plan of any people in the background cooked up?

    With further disruptions to the processes at SAAB-Automobile - that is, SAAB's survival - one might then be rid of the domestic competition and could do Volvo an additional favor (SAAB spare parts division).

    The SAAB workers (and not just the ones) who stay on the line in this constellation hardly seem to interest anyone anyway.

    The SAAB management as well as Youngman Lotus + Pang Da should closely follow what is played here and if necessary initiate appropriate countermeasures very quickly!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein


  • It is actually not a good solution if the ambassador or another government agency does not provide his compatriots (and other interested parties) with any information about certain things of public interest (in this case related to the old traditional company SAAB-Automobile).

    It seems that in the meantime the principle of “landlord style” (what we do up here does not concern anyone down there) also applies in Sweden!

    The Swedish image in terms of government agencies has most likely suffered a lot, not only in my eyes, especially in the last few months. The state's behavior, especially when it comes to SAAB, seems to be extremely nebulous - I still don't see anything good!

    Greetings from Hamburg

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