Saab News Sweden: Court decision delayed

The decision of the Appeal Court in Gothenburg regarding the Saab Reconstruction Proposal may not be announced until the beginning of next week. As reported today the press in the far north. The IF Metal is also waiting. It has decided not to file for bankruptcy against Saab.

That is, once again, a vote of confidence from IF Metal towards Saab. To help the members and Saab employees who are in financial need, the unions work closely with the banks. Saab employees are still loyal and even the office workers organized in the Union did not actually want their union filed for bankruptcy.

In principle, a lot has to be decided by the end of the month. Hopefully Pro Saab, and the odds are better than a week ago.

If the 70 million € royalties from Lotus Youngman are transferred on time to the 26.09, Saab has good cards to survive the crisis. Binding contracts exist, so far all signs are positive. Then the remaining weeks until the final entry of the Chinese could be meaningfully used for production preparations.

As always, so today. Fingers crossed !


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  • It would be nice to find out what the Swedish ambassador achieved during his visit to Beijing - why aren't these things reported more openly?

    Secrecy always has a strange aftertaste somehow….

    At least a mini-statement to the interested public would actually be mandatory!


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