Noted: IF Metal, Pang Da, Edithouse Communications

Yesterday there was an ominous bankruptcy petition in Vänersborg about a good 200.000 €. The applicant wanted to remain anonymous. But, Sweden the land of open tax secrets, can not hide some things. At least not longer than 24 hours. The applicant is the media agency Edithouse from Gothenburg, which has produced two advertising films for the web for Saab.

Since the agency also produces good films for the other Swedish manufacturer, the homepage of Edithouse is worth a visit in any case. Niclas Bergman, CEO of the Gothenburg company, meets with Saab people today to discuss a way out of the situation.

Especially the small companies are in a difficult situation. On the one hand, they do not want to lose Saab as a customer, on the other hand they also have to pay bills and taxes on time.

Difficult times for everyone.

Pang Qinghua, the "old Pang"
Pang Qinghua, the "old Pang"

Also for the employees of Saab, who are still dependent on their own reserves or the help of the banks. But, as I said, the wind is turning and the Chinese are getting more and more active with Saab. This is sorely needed, because the passivity of recent months has fed some doubts.

Stefan Löfven, chairman of IF Metal, took the plane from Landvetter to Frankfurt today.

There he meets Pang Quinghua, the "old Pang" and CEO of Pamg Da. "It is about the plans for the future," said Hakan Scött, IF unionist at Saab who also flew to Frankfurt, "it is an opportunity to get together because Pang Quinghua is currently at the IAA in Frankfurt".

It is good to see that the partners from China intervene more and more in the events around Saab. This gives hope for the future and a good, long-term solution.


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  • Somehow I am getting more and more likeable to the Chinese. First they save Volvo, now Saab, then also the euro, the dollar, etc. But a logical development after the West has outsourced production to Asia for decades and the money first flowed in this direction. Now it's coming back ...

  • That sounds pretty good, if the union people with
    Meet the Pang Da chefs, you can see the future of SAAB together
    with the Chinese. If the court is still playing on Monday,
    Tom then has to run the blog until he reaches retirement age

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