Saab News China: Youngman wants to invest 8 billion crowns

The positive signs from China are intensifying day by day for our brand from Västragötland. The Chinese are standing by Saab and want to invest funds. In an interview to Dagens Industri, Rachel Pang, President of Lotus Youngman, reiterated the investment will.

Pang Da and Lotus Youngman will be majority shareholders in Saab in a few weeks. Of course, the NDRC still has to agree, but Rachel Pang sees what he says, "a fundamental support from the NDRC for our investment in Saab". You are ready to invest up to 8 billion crowns, not in one piece, but step by step. Swedish kronor always sound very good and dramatic, and depending on how the euro goes further south, it is also a lot of money with which Saab can shape the future. We're talking about more than € 750 million if I'm not mistaken.

These are different orders of magnitude than that, please forgive, small change from Antonov who would like to have invested 100 million euros in Saab.

Good news for Trollhättan, definitely. If the Chinese announcement really hits, the future is assured.


6 thoughts on "Saab News China: Youngman wants to invest 8 billion crowns"

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    Hope does not stop.
    ... that the 91 will be built as planned
    ... that the 93 stays that way, only something inside is renewed
    ... the 95 really hits

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      No, so as chic as the 9.3 is up to date, the new one must (and will ...) be a hit.
      It is the “volume model” from Saab - and the Phoenix study shown promises a real eye-catcher!

      I also need a reason for a new convertible in 2-3 years 😉

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    Man, man, man ... back / forth, back / forth, hü / hott, etc ... as a Saab fan you have the days / weeks / months really not easy.

    But good news like this builds up again and gives hope. 🙂

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    without wanting to appear disrespectful now, but ...

    [QUESTION] how do you make a small fortune?
    [ANSWER] You invest a big one in saab!

    Or in German: I only believe the savior from the Middle Kingdom when the announced funds really should have reached Saab; For everyone else, it would now be time to buy cheap saab shares. ...

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    Dawn Tom for the good news early in the morning,
    It is also great that you already in the early dawn
    think and act on our brand. Thank you, times
    something good in the morning. Also hope that the story
    true and then the future would be secured …….

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