Saab News: When does production start at Saab?

Has the wind turned? In Sweden, a discussion about a production start at Saab gets underway. Last week, hardly any of the local publications saw a chance of survival for the brand, today one argues about a possible start date.

Victor Muller would like to restart production at the Saab Trollhättan plant this year. Permanent, mind you. A difficult goal, because it is ambitious. Many suppliers will have to hire staff first, some of the suppliers are in serious difficulties, a few are in bankruptcy or at risk of it. The suppliers do not see production running until next year. So the new head of the Swedish supplier industry, Fredrik Sidahl. Svenake Berlie, long-time head of the association and an always committed campaigner for Saab and the Swedish supplier industry, has retired.

However, as soon as Saab is on firm ground, which should be in late October - early November, the suppliers will start. Production at the end of the year is possible, but not certain.

Some of us are waiting for Saab ordered for a long time. Production at the end of the year is hard and painful, as many have now bought the old Saab from their leasing and wait, wait, wait. The loyalty is more than great, and those who have been patient for a long time should stick to the next few weeks and months. Somehow ;-).

It is more important that the phase of permanent uncertainty is soon overcome and the future appears secure. The price of the "Swedish Automobil" share has already heard the wake-up call. In Amsterdam, the increase was over 50% at times, but then fell slightly. The paper is currently quoted above one euro.

Stock exchanges anticipate the future and reward positive developments. We should too.


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  • Yes, it would be nice. My order from June was unfortunately canceled yesterday by the dealer, he is closing. At the moment, only someone who sells SAAB "on the side" can hold out economically, there is nothing to sell. Looking for a new dealer now is not very promising either, you have to wait until Christmas. As long as we can hold out my current SAAB well, but you can still dream a little that it will not be the last

    • It's a shame ...; (“My” dealer doesn't just do it on the side, he is the only one on offer with the brand. Lives mainly from the workshop, which is always fully booked, it seems ... So you can see, it can too work when the certain mass is there ...

  • In thirty years at a vintage car meeting:

    "That's a Saab 9.3"
    "Yes, year of construction 2011"
    "What !? Year of construction 2011? "
    "That's a very rare year for a Saab" "It's definitely worth something"
    "Well, I was one of the lucky few who got a Saab that year"

    Greetings Arne

  • Is it known how many employees have left in the meantime (Volvo ?!) - are there a lot of new hires, or was it necessary to reduce the number of employees anyway?
    How should there possibly be a production?

    • The employees are very loyal and have stayed with Saab - just like the Saab drivers 😉

      We do not (yet) know how the number of employees will develop and depend on the reconstruction plan.



      • I can only say: it's worth waiting ...... ..

    • Volvo now dismisses employees after having serious problems in the US.

  • Since many SAABs are driven longer than intended due to the production downtime, only a few good used vehicles are available and the prices for them are going up significantly. Currently approx. 500 orders for new vehicles (approx. 13.000 worldwide). This is quite remarkable given the unsightly current situation.

    Our well-loved Auto-Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer was quoted in the Hamburger Abendblatt last weekend: "The prices of younger SAAB vehicles threaten to drop." Again, completely wrong! The man should finally be ashamed of his statements and go into the basement himself for a long time.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

    • Exactly the opposite has come from the testimony of the much esteemed self-proclaimed car expert, as so often in the past. Maybe he should take off the premium glasses he missed from the self-proclaimed German premium manufacturers: good used Saabs are in short supply, on the markets there are only extreme cars, and even for the still proud prices are required. As far as the situation in Austria.

      In the mindset of the experts, it is almost inexplicable that the old Suzuki spurned the highly praised VW technology, and rather relies on the lower Fiat technology

    • Now the orders for new vehicles are less, even if the buyer does not want it. My order from June was canceled yesterday because the dealer gives up the business, of course I want to continue a new 9-3

      • Earlier the Dudenhöfer was briefly on the Tagesschau at the IAA with a confused look and said something that the German manufacturers still had a lot of potential or something like that. Didn't quite understand it, wasn't subtitled either. In any case, he can't speak High German ... That alone makes him suspicious 😉

  • I see a little light at the end of the tunnel - and it's slowly, very slowly getting bigger!

    • I see that too. Maybe, maybe by the end of the year I can order my new Saab 9-5 sportswear. Hope!

      • Saab fans are very capable of suffering. After I had to change professionally to a BMW, I come back (hopefully) to Saab. The BMW has stayed with the old employer and at the moment I win in the ancient Polo around the area because I wait for the new 9-5 station wagon.
        Every morning, I really look at Tom in the blog ud hope that Saab finally builds cars. Please release me from the polo!

        Thank you!

        Greetings to all Saab fans


  • Yes, I didn't want to be without Saab for so long and I got a 9-5 Aero MY 2006, great deal! Now a bit pepped up with tinted windows, iPhone integration (the navigation system actually had no aux input!) And depending on the situation there are still 18 ′ rims in the summer or, and that would be even better, the new 9-5 SC. If Saab doesn't make it, which I don't believe, then I'll drive this car for a very, very long time.

  • I think the time in Trollhättan will be used well up to the start of production to carry out maintenance on the systems, implement ideas for improvement measures, organize training courses, etc. That will hopefully keep the team motivated and enable a dream start ... Production up!



  • I was in Trollhättan yesterday. The parking lots at the factory were pretty full. So the crowd is working there after all or there was something there yesterday. Around 17 p.m. the squares emptied, after which the city was “flooded”, especially by 93s. But also a number of new 95s, which are currently rather rare in the rest of SE ...

  • That's finally more positive news. That pleases me. Then maybe I can buy a new Saab. Now I have secured much older models, I can wait a few more years.

    But to the ups and downs of companies: I can only say, if you knew, which companies with big names have ever flown just above the ground, you would not believe it. Partly a gust of wind would have been enough to crash. That's why you should never give up prematurely.

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